Dreams in HD Giveaway - Enter By Friday!


Happy Tuesday everyone! We wanted to let you know that we've extended the Dreams in HD giveaway until this Friday, so make sure to enter here. Isn't this photo of Tuscany lovely? It would look so pretty in a dining room. Also it really makes me want to eat pasta bolognese and drink Chianti. :)

I'm also over at the Lulu & Georgia blog today talking about making your home look a little green (in a good way)! Here's a sneak peek, and you can check out the whole post here.

I would love to hear your tips and tricks on how to keep your home feeling fresh and new in the midst of the autumn and winter months!

First Fall Plaid


I've been holding on to my summer clothes as long as I can, knowing I'll be really sick of my sweaters in the coming months. But the other day there was a hint of fall in the air so I pulled out my plaid shirt for the first time this season, pairing it with my trusty black skinnies and beloved Via Spiga heels.

*I got this top ages ago but this one is similar and super affordable.



Friday, you never looked so good. Ok, that's a lie. You always look good. But really, I am very happy to see you. What are your plans this weekend? Tomorrow, I'm getting my hair done...be gone you nasty little gray hairs. Sunday I'm having brunch with friends at a delicious and greasy little beach shack restaurant (is there anything better on a Sunday anyway)? Then we are going pumpkin plucking with some friends of ours and all the kiddos, and ending evening with pizza and beer. I am ridiculously happy with all of this. Hope your weekends are just lovely, friends. See you Monday!

Loved, loved loved Joanna's beauty uniform.

Last night we had dinner here, and it was amazing. I can never get enough fish tacos.

For all you foodies out there you must subscribe to Gastropod. You. Just. Must.

These are your Millenials, America.

Seven amazingly beautiful European inns. #wanderlusting.

Books by their covers.

A beautiful profile on Barbara Mahany. Love this quote from her latest book, "Autumn: it's the season of....old quilts and thick bed covers unearthed from their long summer's nap."

Santa Cruz Fog, Photo by Matt

Makeup Discovery: Julep


Now that fall is here, I've been making little changes to my daily grind, including my beauty routine. The ladies over at Julep sent me a few fun things that I've been working into my makeup repertoir, like this lip gloss (in Posh). It's the perfect berry stain for fall and has replaced my coral lip gloss that I wore throughout spring and summer. I have also rotated a few primers into my routine: their Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer and Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer.

This post was sponsored by Julep but all the thoughts expressed are our own.

Shelf Styling


I have now accepted the fact that we probably won't be moving anywhere for a while. Darn you, California housing market! As a result I've been going through this weird nesting stage. Or maybe it's re-nesting...I don't know. And no, I'm not pregnant. It's odd actually, I don't recall ever experiencing a nesting sensation when I was pregnant with either of my kids. Maybe it's because I was too busy stuffing my face with french fries and grapefruit to care much about anything else.

At any rate, I sort of re-organized my bookshelves one night at like 11pm. This is what one sometimes does when one can't sleep and realizes that there is no foreseeable time in the future when I can actually do this during the day. So I turned on The Daily Show, poured myself a cup of herbal tea Sauvignon Blanc and set to work.

I'm not sure if I've professed this before, but I sort of adore Emily Henderson. Like I would love to drink wine, watch the Daily Show and organize bookshelves at 11pm with her. She probably does not do this. Actually she might. That's probably why I like her so much.

Anyway, her home was recently featured in Domino and I especially loved her bookshelves. (I really wish mine were white, but Matt has stated that he hates the color white. Hates it so much in fact that he says he feels physically ill every time he sees a white wall, which is unfortunate because our walls are white). I think perhaps he's being a bit over-dramatic, but I've got the hint. Our bookshelves are black, they are from IKEA, and I do still like them even though they aren't white.

One of things Emily says about styling shelves is that you want them to look curated, not cluttered. And this is a tricky line to walk. So in this regard I think you have to get creative with the space you have and the items that you want to display.

I stacked a lot of books vertically (as one does on bookshelves), but then I stacked several horizontally and made little "stands" for various bowls or objects. I also incorporated more green. I never had plants on my bookshelf before, but I love how they sort of make it come to life. By the way none of them are real plants..I am admittedly terrible at the indoor plant thing.* I also put them in white pots. Sorry Matt.

Lastly, I rounded up some of our artwork that was lying around, sadly looking for a place to live and used the shelves as a sort of art gallery. I think one of the best pieces of advice I can give about bookshelf styling is to look around your house, in your cupboards or in your attic and find those little quirky bowls, plates, bookends or trinkets that are simultaneously weird and cool enough to find a home amongst your books.

This was a much longer post than I intended, but I'd love to hear your tips and tricks to bookshelf styling!

*Airplants are a good substitute if you can't bring yourself to buy fake plants, as they are fairly easy to keep alive.