Elle Runway Collection by Kohl's


Parisian street style is our favorite to watch, and we know we aren't alone. For it's latest collection, Kohl's partnered with ELLE Magazine for a line of clothes inspired by the city of light. We'll be sharing more of the Kohl's ELLE Runway Collection next week, but love the Two-Piece Heels, with the leather ankle strap, grosgrain ribbon, and round toe.

Photos from Elle.com.

This post is sponsored by Kohl's but all of the opinions are our own.

Being Mama.


I do not have the faintest idea what is going on in this photo. I know that I likely told them to stand there and smile and to not push or hit or shove yell or bite (because all of these things need to be repeated about 1,000 times per day, because apparently one forgets these things easily when one is a small human and perhaps feels a tad possessive over certain objects, food, space and air). They clearly did not follow my direction to stand still as is evidenced by the smallest child, who is quite literally lurching at the camera. He has a tendency to do this, mostly to see what the camera might taste like. The older one is likely in the midst of telling the younger one to stand still or she will clonk him on the head with her water bottle. I appreciate that she follows rules, but her execution of them is sometimes draconian.

At any rate, this mom job sometimes really kicks me in the rear. Not to sound defeated, but there are many days when I wonder what it's like to have an independent thought. Then I realize I am having one and get ridiculously excited only to have Mila interrupt me saying, "Mama, do your ears hurt?" To which I reply, "Yes, actually, a little. Maybe we can all rest our voices so Mama's ears can feel better." This is what you call "wishful thinking." Matt sometimes comes home to a disastrous house with two barely clothed kids chasing after each other screeching and a dog howling (Gorbie hates feeling left out, especially when it comes to making Mama's ears hurt) and me in a sort of dazed and confused expression, likely wondering: Is it still the same day as it was this morning? ...and other nonsensical questions.

 Good times being had by all despite the tiredness and gray hairs.

Anyway, there really is no point or moral to this post, but perhaps mostly it is just a bit of cathartic writing for mom who sometimes feels just plain exhausted. Very loved, but exhausted nonetheless. 

I hope you all are well, I'd love to hear any tips on how you deal with exhaustion (moms or not)! :)

What Kirby Wore: Man Repeller Poncho


I scooped up this poncho during the last big Shopbop Friends + Family sale, and knew immediately it would be one of those items that women appreciate and men scratch their heads at. And I'm completely fine with that. 

Sadly, this poncho is sold out, but I love this one and this one, too.

Photos by Short & Sweet Blog.

Hello, Friday


Well, we made it to Friday. What are your weekend plans? Picking out your Halloween costume? Seeing Gone Girl?

We'll see you back here on Monday but first, the winner of our Dreams in HD giveaway is ... Nan! See below for some favorite links from this week.

Oscar de la Renta passed away this week. Anna Wintour's essay on his passing was beautiful.

The collection of BaubleBar's latest guest bartender Megan Runser is gorgeous. Runser, BaubleBar's first customer bartender, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is in the middle of her treatment. BaubleBar is asking customers what gives them strength on social media using the hashtags #baublebar and #asgoodasgold and for every use of #asgoodasgold between now and the new year, we will be donating $1 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Drowning in pumpkin spice.

And the next seasonal drink, the peppermint latte (obviously) has some competition. Starbucks just announced it's new drink: the Chestnut Praline Latte.

Best. News. Ever. Marcel the Shell is back! 

I finally bought these booties and it was such a good decision.

Have you tried Google's new email app?

And in case you missed it:

Fall plaid.

On homesickness.


What's on Your Walls?


I'm in the midst of curating a gallery wall. It is likely one of the hardest home decor projects I've taken on (not that I've taken on too many, but this is surprisingly challenging). Art is one of those things that is very personal. What one person thinks is a masterpiece, another person thinks it's a pre-schooler's sketch (which to be fair, may also in fact be a masterpiece). The point is this: you really do want to love what's displayed on your wall, and perhaps even want to feel a deeper, more meaningful connection to it.

Matt and I have traveled to many places and have photos and artwork that we've collected and brought home and that's been fun going through and deciding what we want to display, but for the blank spaces that remain, it's a bit more of a challenge.

I've rounded up a few of my favorites lately. Art spots that I love to peruse are: the Tappan Collective, Minted and of course Etsy. What about you? What type of art strikes your fancy?

Here is a glimpse into part of our wall (I apologize for the photo quality).

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