Mother's Day Gift Guide


I can't wait for my mom to open her gift on May 8 but can't reveal what it is in case she's reading! Since Mother's Day is just a few weeks away, here are a few other things that caught my eye in case you're looking. 

1. This gingham one-piece from J. Crew is classic and chic, like she is.
2. Because all she really wants is a heartfelt card anyway.
3. Gwenyth Paltrow's new book, It's All Easy, because she's a Gwenyth fan just like you are. 
4. A Gray Malin iPhone case to help her transition her tech for summer.
5. Ginger Jar Napkin Set for her next cocktail party, that matches her blue and white kitchen.
6. A new pretty water bottle for the new Pilates class she's been telling you about. 
7. A fun tote for the pool that she'd never buy for herself.

Sushi, Ramen and Yakatori, Oh My


Tsukiji Fish Market
The beautiful first course of our ryokan dinner
Japanese breakfast at our ryokan
Soba for breakfast on my 30th birthday
Oh, the food in Japan. We've been home for a month and I'm still dreaming about it. I ate eel and live uni for breakfast, have a whole new appreciation for tofu (in Japan it tastes like burrata), and will pretty much eat anything on a skewer now. See below for my mini guide to food in Japan.

Ryokan Meals 
We stayed at two different ryokans, traditional Japanese inns, on our trip. They are kind of like bed and breakfasts but include dinner too. At our ryokan in Kyoto we had our own table in a dining room with our guests, while in Takayama we had our own private room. Each dinner was 10-15 courses and since no one spoke English we didn't know what we were eating. It was all beautiful and mostly delicious. 

Honestly we ate less sushi than I thought we would, but the sushi we did eat was delicious. Try one of the good conveyer belt places. Also, get sushi breakfast at the Tsukiji Fish Market. We waited for 45 minutes to eat at Daiwa Sushi and it was well worth it.

The Three Ts
Tonkatsu: Fried pork—need I say more? We went here in Tokyo but there's also one in Kyoto. Teppenyaki: Meat on a griddle! Try this placeTsukemen: It's kind of like ramen. Go here and get in line for lunch at 10am. 

Meat on skewers. Delicious. Find it just about anywhere—especially Golden Gai. One of our biggest splurges was dinner at Michelin Star spot Bird Land Ginza. We did the omakase (chef's choice) menu. One of our most memorable meals in Japan.

Try any place with a line, really. This place is supposed to be "the best bowl of Ramen ever." This is another really great spot. 

Our first lunch in Japan was at Harajuku Gyozara. So, so good. We visited the main shrine in Tokyo, Meji Ginju (inside Yoyogi Park), walked out of the forest to check out Harajuku and arrived at this spot in Omotesando. The perfect afternoon.

Breakfast isn't really a thing in Japan. In fact, some coffee spots don't even open until 10am. The coffee though, is delicious and an art form.We went one morning to check out the Mitsukoshi Department Store and had amazing soba for breakfast. Another morning we walked around Ometasando and found Good Town Doughnuts. Best doughnuts I've ever had.

Reading List


I'm a big reader, but often forget to share what I'm reading here since I breeze through a book every week or so (the only way I can get my brain to slow down enough to fall asleep at night is by reading). See below for what I'm reading, what's next on my list, and what books I'd like to add to our coffee table collection. What are you reading? I'd love to know.

For the coffee table:

I love all Assouline books and we have In the Spirit of Capri on our coffee table, but now that we live in the Bay Area I'd love to pick up In the Spirit of Napa, too. I love the website The Coveteur so I'll definitely be picking up the coffee table book, which offers insider looks at the homes and closets of fashion celebrities, from stylists to designers. 

For the bedside table: 

The memoir Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget is next on my reading list and I'm currently halfway through The Nest, a novel about four adult siblings who all want to get their hands on their shared inheritance. I'm really enjoying The Nest and typically like to trade off between light and more serious reads so I'll let you know how I liked Blackout once I'm done.

Spring Weekend


This week it really started to feel like spring. It stays light until almost 8 o'clock and we have a few more months before the mist and fog really descends upon San Francisco. After a busy week that included a quick 36 hour work trip to Seattle, I'm looking forward to being in town this weekend. We have three weekend trips in a row coming up so I'll be soaking up time at home. Here are some links to peruse this weekend. See you next week.

Did you know the creators of two of the biggest Instagram meme accounts are married

And I promise this is my last industry-related link, but this made me laugh out loud.

Bookmark these quotes for when you need some courage or inspiration. The only by Patti Smith is my favorite.

I love this dress on Bradley. It makes me want to travel to a warm location and have a cocktail ASAP.

And this yellow dress would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding. (and it's less than $100)

I might have to snag this top for spring (love the tassels).

Money saving tips during tax season.

Speaking of saving money, we've been starting to make cocktails at home, and I want to give one of these mint julep recipes a try soon.

Photo taken by me in Asakusa, Tokyo. Sending prayers to victims of the recent earthquakes in Japan.

Line I Love: Self Portrait


Every so often I discover I line in which I love every. single. thing. Typically, those lines are well out of my price range and it's no different with this one but I'm sharing it nonetheless. Let me introduce you to Self Portrait. Am I the last one to discover it? Either way, I'm obsessed and am on the hunt for a look alike dress (this one from Asos is pretty good!) while saving my pennies for one of the dresses pictured here.

Clockwise from top right: 
Self Portrait Lace Up Dress / Self Portrait Teardrop Maxi Dress / Self Portrait Adeline Lace Dress / Self Portrait Ivy Lace Maxi Dress