Thanksgiving Wishes


Happy almost Thanksgiving, friends. The list of things we're thankful for is long, but you make the short list.

Cheers, Kirby & Alexa

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Scents For Your Home


I'm all for endlessly baking cookies all winter long just for that scrumptious warm, sugary smell that envelops the house and fleetingly makes you wonder why you didn't pursue that dream of moving to Paris and opening a small pastry shop on the Seine, if it weren't for that pesky detail that you really aren't a very good baker at all. But, but the delectable scent, it's almost worth the 25 pounds you'd be gaining!

Instead, here are some other scents that will keep your home smelling fresh, warm and inviting.

Camellias (or other fragrant winter blooms). I know. It seems so spring, but I clipped a few buds from my yard the other day and as they bloomed my dining room smelled like a light, fresh perfume. 

Boil orange and lemon peels. Fresh, clean and the scent seems to linger for days. You could also try cinnamon and apples for a more "fall" scent if that's what you're into.

Don't have a fireplace, but want that wood-burning smell? Man Cave candles to the rescue! Seriously. That's what they are called. I just ordered ten of them.

Herbs. I always feel that having tons of herbs hanging and drying makes it seem like I must be a busy Italian wife (look at all of the herbs I have)! But really they are there just to make the house smell pleasantly rustic. Another fun tip: hang Eucalyptus leaves in the shower and steam it up when you have a bad cold.

Lavender spray. I'm on the bandwagon with the essential oils. A few drops of lavender in water and get spray happy.

Or you could just keep the coffee brewing all day long (which, as a mom to two little ones, does not seem too far-fetched) and you'll have that lovely roasted bean smell all day long. 

Happy Scenting.

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Surprise Visit


Last Saturday, I woke up at 4:00am to catch a 6:30am flight to Orange County to surprise my mom. My dad was in on the plan and I was worried my mom would figure us out, but when I rang the doorbell with Starbucks in hand it was clear from the expression on her face that she was completely surprised. 

We moved up to San Francisco five months ago, and my parents visited us two months ago, but with the exception of my semester abroad this is the longest I've gone without seeing my parents. I speak to my mom once a day (sometimes multiple times a day) and could tell that it was time for a visit, especially since we'll be spending Thanksgiving up here with Ian's family and not going to my hometown until Christmas. Plus, my mom's birthday is in mid-December so I figured this was the perfect present.

Typically when I'm home so is the rest of my family and there are friends to see and errands to run, but this weekend I kept things really simple. We did some leisurely Christmas shopping, we had lunch at a favorite spot, we walked on Balboa Island, we lingered over coffee in the morning and wine at night. Now that I'm back in San Francisco I can tell that I needed the visit just as much as my mom (and dad) did.

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What are you guys up to this weekend? I think I'm going to try and kick this cold once for all (it's weakening, I can feel it), but as a result, we'll be mostly home-bound. I am planning to make this at some point and hopefully watch this (which has been on my movie list for ages). We'll see you here on Monday! xo


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A Cozy Fall Look


Here's a little secret that is not so much of a secret if you know me well. I am not a morning person. Alas no, even having kids has not made me a morning person. In fact it has made me less of a morning person. There's nothing like the sound of shrieking cries and screams of "Mom! Mom! MOM!!!!" and subsequent roller coaster energy at 6am, while you're still wiping eye crusties out of your eyes as you stumble around for a cup of strong tea and your clothes.

Yes your clothes. Look, I don't want to walk around in my pajamas all day, but most days when I'm home with the kids I really don't want to wear jeans or shoes at all. So leggings it is. I am not sorry that I wear leggings five  seven days a week. I am cozy. But with the weather chilling slightly here in San Diego I can't wear my flip flops and slouchy short-sleeved t-shirt that I lived in all summer. So I did a fun little swap for this sweet pair of moccasins and this checkered shirt. On that note, I am going to raid Madewell's entire collection of plaid shirts and just rotate through them during the remainder of fall and winter).

And so, this my friends, is what I'll be wearing all season long. I'm happy and I'm cozy.

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