Bali Packing List


One month from today we'll be in Bali. Our last few trips (Japan and Italy) haven’t been beach vacations so I’m really excited to pick up some new swimsuits and beachy things that I can wear in Bali and to a wedding weekend near Tulum this summer. See below for what’s on my packing list or shop the post by hovering over an item.

This straw bag is just too perfect (and well priced). I’ll fill it with magazines and sunscreen for the beach. // I’m desperately trying to become a “hat  person” to protect my skin from the sun. This one should be easy enough to pull off right? 

I spotted this Tory Burch bandeau last summer and have been wanting it ever since. I love a good bandeau (no tan lines!) and the retro feel of this one is so fun. (top / bottom) // Marysia Swim is so pricey but I’m thinking I may take the plunge with this olive-colored 'Antibes' bikini.

I rarely get a chance to wear shorts, and currently only own a few pairs of frayed Levi’s. I’ll definitely be packing them, but love this pair of black scalloped shorts from Madewell.

I have a feeling I’ll be sweating off any makeup I attempt to apply, but I will pack a few versatile items like NARS The Multiple Stick. It comes in various shades of bronze and can be used on your eyes, cheeks, lips or even body. Plus, it has vitamin E and acai oil so it’s full of antioxidants, never a bad thing. // Have you heard of Brazilian Bum Bum Cream? It’s supposed to be amazing so I’m going to try it out on our trip and will report back.

I know we won’t be dressing up much, but I can’t resist this gingham dress from Lioness. // You know me and stripes. This Marysia Swim dress is on sale and I think I could make it work in San Francisco with a jean jacket. 

Sachajuan’s Hair in the Sun shields color-treated hear and will hopefully prevent my blonde from becoming brassy during our trip. // I’ve been seeing a lot of cat eye sunnies popping up so it’s clearly a trend for spring and summer. Le Specs are good quality at a good price point and the Le Specs Edition Three 51mm Cat Eye Sunglasses may be my summer shades.

I’ve always loved Mara Hoffman’s bright prints. This colorful sarong will be coming with me to Bali. // I love the bright color and simple style of Topshop’s Have It Tie Up Sandals (and the price isn’t bad either).

I love a good cold shoulder top or dress, and the lace detail on this one from Moon River (not to mention the price) is so good. // I recently discovered swim brand Peixoto during a rabbit hole Shopbop session. I love this simple one piece and the price considering swimsuits have gotten so expensive!

On Turning 31


Welp, I'm 31. In some ways I feel older (work! taxes! hangovers after two glasses of wine!) while in others I feel like I'm 21 instead of 31. 

To be honest 2017 has been kind of rough. I definitely don't have it all figured out and find myself questioning where I am and what I want to do more and more. I've heard your thirties is when you really come into your own so I'm hoping to start to feel more at peace during my 31st year. 

I do thank my lucky stars for my friends, family, husband (and readers!) making me feel special today. Here's to another trip around the sun (and to celebrating with a burger at Spruce tonight).

p.s. See what I had for breakfast last year on my birthday in Tokyo here.

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Do Something for Your Future Self


It's been a challenging few weeks. Monday through Friday have felt like a real slog (it's a real word!), and I've found myself having a really hard time waking up and doing it all over again each Monday morning. I listen to Gretchen Rubin's Happier podcast and there was recently an episode where they talked about "doing something for your future self." Listening, I realized that I already do this in some ways. Before we travel, I try to make sure we change our sheets and take out the trash so we come home to a clean apartment. I make the coffee the night before and lay out my workout clothes, all to make things easier on myself. 

The podcast episode was based on this blog post from Wil Wheaton, which really resonated with me - particularly this line: "I have a really hard time doing things that are just for myself, because I feel like I don’t deserve it for one reason or another … but that me from the future? That guy hasn’t done anything to me, and I should do my best to do something kind for him, like eating good food, or getting enough sleep, or getting out and exercising even though I really don’t want to do it." This morning I want to skip my run for a million reasons, but I'll do it because of future Kirby and how it'll make her feel. The other night I wanted to just head home after work but I got a quick manicure as a gift to future Kirby since it'll make her feel more put together for a big meeting later this week. 

I'm curious, have you ever tried it?


The Cult Gaia Bamboo Bag (aka That Bag You Keep Seeing)


You know when you see something and just have to have it? That's how it was with the Cult Gaia Ark bag. I saw on in Shopbop's One By section (my favorite place on the site to shop since it feels so curated and the items are typically limited edition) and now am seeing it on every style blog I follow. 

It isn't something I'll use in my everyday life in San Francisco, but I can't stop thinking about it. I immediately added it to my birthday wish list and it showed up as a gift from my parents last week so it's currently sitting in my closet in a pretty pink box, waiting to be unwrapped on March 20.

The bag (right around $100) is currently sold out on Shopbop but you can purchase it directly from Cult Gaia here (it also comes in black acrylic, mother of pearl, and more). It'll definitely be coming with me to Bali in April and Mexico in June but I'm sure I'll find a way to use it in San Francisco, too. 

Fresh Flowers


Every weekend when we go to the grocery store or farmer's market, I buy a bunch of fresh flowers. I usually try to stay under $10 and am often able to get away with a $3.99 bunch of something. My best friend gave me a beautiful blue and white marbled vase (similar here) for my birthday last year and lately I've been filling it with white flowers. Sometimes it's a big bunch of carnations and other times I'll splurge for hydrangeas. No matter what it just makes me happy to look at them each time I walk into our apartment.