Drink This: Rose Spritzer


Ah the rosé spritzer: It's all of a sudden trendy and glamorous, and all the cool girls are drinking them these days, including yours truly. Yes, it is true, and I am sorry about that, Dad. I feel like I'm committing a cardinal sin of wine-making families. "Did you hear? She's drinking rosé now. Yeah, things must be bad. I'm sure it came from a box." Rosé sort of existed on the low level of varietals. You'd find it on the bottom shelf, next to the two dollar jug options, in all of its unnatural, coral-colored glory. But not so anymore! The rosé has been bumped up. Thanks to swanky bloggers, instagram and #yeswayrose the rosé is living the high life now.

What's even better, depending on whether you actually like the taste of rosé or are just pretending to in order to be hip, is that the rose spritzer is the next big thing. A splash of seltzer water, a squeeze of lemon and an ice cube and you will be navigating your next cocktail party in style. The iconic drink of 78-year-old ladies has come to the younger generation and to that I say: #yesway.

 Look here I am enjoying one on the patio. And I'm holding the glass entirely wrong. I am slipping, Dad. I am slipping.

For those of you interested in how I make mine:
Half a glass of rosé (I like Josefina because it has a screw top. Yes, sometimes that is how I make decisions when buying wine, also it's rosé, and you are going to add ice cubes and water to it so who cares)?
I then add a splash or two of lemon flavored tonic water.
Then a dash of bitters
A slice of lemon
An ice cube

It's refreshing. It is not a Sancerre (which I also have in my fridge and you can bet a million dollars I am NOT adding ice or water to that). But on these hot days after I get the kids to bed, a rosé spritzer is not entirely a bad idea. 

Are you on the rosé bandwagon? Are you ever going to take wine suggestions from me again? ;)

Photos by Alexa Evans

Pretty Nail Color


Do you guys have a favorite nail polish that you're really into? I just brushed some of this pretty garnet color on my toes and am feeling totally groovy. It feels lovely and grown-up, but it has a hint of glitter too, so I feel like I'm still expressing my wild side. ;)

Here it is, if you'd like to try. 

I like this and this as well!

Marble Moment


Is it just me or is marble everywhere right now? I have a marble iPhone case (similar to the one above) and somehow we lucked out with marble counter tops in our apartment, but I'm really liking the trend and might need to pick up few more marbled items, like that dress (on sale!) or that tee. Are you a fan of the trend?

1. REISS Romero Grey Marble Print T-Shirt
2. White Marble iPhone 6 Case from Etsy shop Casehype
3. C/Meo Collective Daydreaming Dress
4. Shiraleah Large Piedmont Textured Marble Cutting Board
5. Amber Sceats Front to Back Marble Earrings

Cotton Anniversary


Ian and I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary last month. We both went with the traditional paper gift last year (a framed photograph of a starry night at our wedding venue, concert tickets) and just looked up what the second anniversary is: cotton. We've been wanting a new bedspread and sheets so instead of giving each other a surprise gift we're picking out new bedding together.

I'm such a sucker for stripes so I love this West Elm set and this one from Serena & Lily. I'd love to do all-white like this set from Restoration Hardware but am not sure it's practical.

Where else should we be looking? If you're married, do you stick with the traditional gifts?




Do you ever feel like this? I feel lucky to love my job and to be part of a growing team at my agency, but sometimes I feel like I am on a treadmill that is just getting faster and I can barely keep up. On top of my "day job", I am teaching a class at Miami Ad School (which I love) and working on the blog you're reading now. All of these things are related so some days it feels more like I have a "when I open my eyes to when I close my eyes." I'm struggling for the elusive work-life balance, which might be a myth!