The Sweetest Wedding Rings


Good morning everyone! I hope your weekends were perfectly nice and wonderfully long. I'm still not quite ready for the week to start...but here we are! (At least it's a short one). And look at these pretty wedding and engagement rings from Artemer Jewelry Design on Etsy. Aren't they gorgeous? I love bands that are sweet and simple, ones that look like they came from a tiny little jewelry shop that you could only find around bends and turns down a sunlit cobblestone street. All of these fit the bill. That turquoise one is stunning. Which is your favorite?

You can check out all of the styles here.

Images found on Artemer Jewelry Design.

Long Weekend


Is there anything better than a three-day weekend? My company gives everyone a few summer Fridays so I'll be using one today to get an early start to the weekend. We're staying in San Francisco the first part of the long weekend, then we'll be heading to St. Helena with friends. A few of us girls are getting spa treatments Monday morning before heading back to the city and I cannot wait. I see lots of sleeping in, afternoon wine, and relaxation in my future and I'm not mad about it. What are your weekend plans? We'll see you back here on Tuesday.

I was browsing BaubleBar's blog, The Post, and spotted ... myself. Thanks for the love BaubleBar.

The 10 best Emmys looks, according to Vogue.

Iconic TV apartments.

Three perfect weekend getaways.

Speaking of weekend getaways, did you see Erin Wasson's trip to Ojai on WhoWhatWear? I loved Ojai on my first )and only visit) but this is making we want to plan a repeat trip.

I'll definitely be picking up Lena Dunham's memoir. Read an excerpt here.

Have you succumbed to any Labor Day sales yet? ShopBop is having a good one.

And in case you missed it:

Rodney Smith photography.

Some new personalized items from Minted.

Parenting + the unexpected.

Short hair + stripes.

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Rodney Smith Photography


I've seen Rodney Smith's photos on Pinterest and Tumblr, but never knew he was the photographer until I read photographer Max Wanger's interview on Cupcakes and Cashmere this week, in which he cited Smith as one of his biggest influences. Don't his photos just take your breath away? 

Read more about him here.

Minted Foil Stationary + Notebook


My iPhone is practically an extension of my body at this point. I'm constantly emailing, scrolling through my Instagram feed, pinning things for inspiration, you get the drill. But I have yet to find a digital to-do list that gives me the same satisfaction as writing things down, and I still send hand-written notes to family and friends. 

When I heard about the new foil stationary and personalized notebooks from Minted I couldn't wait to order a few things. I personalized this color block notebook and it's been nice having a place to jot down notes and to-dos for this blog. I have almost been married a year but I am still getting used to my new last name, so it was fun to order new stationary - and this arabesque foil-pressed stationary is so gorgeous, like something out of the 1920s. 

Photos by Kirby Brooks Todd for Short & Sweet Blog

The Unexpected.


I think one of the craziest things about parenting (aside from the decibel level they can reach - but they are so, why are their voices so loud?) is the unexpected challenges and lessons that arise on a daily, hourly, sometimes minute by minute basis. Sometimes they are small, like for instance an argument about wearing cupcake fleece pajamas and a Santa Claus hat out to the grocery store in 90 degree weather. But sometimes they are bigger. And those are the times that you find yourself desperately wishing for an argument about fashion choices.

Last Friday we had what amounted to a minor health related scare with Mila, and everything is alright, but for several minutes I was thrown out of my world and definitely outside my comfortable parenting zone. I was in unexpected territory and it's not a place I want to go back to. Suddenly everything else seemed petty and inconsequential. It's like someone packed a box full of perspective and dropped it right at my feet. That night we read five extra books at bedtime and we curled up snugly, warm and cozy, and I think I was the most blissfully happy I've ever been.

The next day I told her she could wear her pajamas all day. Because really...maybe she's onto something.

Photo credit: Alexa Evans (Can you spot Phoenix)? And just to reassure those who may have thought he climbed that hedge, he's on Dad's shoulders. ;)