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You guys. Are you a sucker for cute kids' clothes like I am? Do you often realize that your kids are much better dressed than you are? It's okay, I still love you black stained yoga pants and Target tank. BUT. LOOK AT these deer. And MY little dear. Cute right? Okay, I'm shamelessly bragging. Honestly though, this adorable little shirt and pants combo came from the brand new organic kids clothes like J Avenue Organics. They are so soft and cozy, Phoenix uses them for his pajamas.

(Yes that is yogurt on his face. Yes it was a lot worse before I took my hand and quickly wiped it off and then onto my pants before snapping this photo).

The good news: they have several other sweet designs to choose from, and they would make a fantastic present for a brand new baby. I love this and this. And their headbands. Don't get me started.

Shop J Avenue Organics here, let us know what you think!

*This is a sponsored post, but opinions are 100% our own.

On Friendship


As I mentioned last week, I spent the weekend in Austin for my best friend's bachelorette. It was the first time since my wedding a year and a half ago that ALL six of us best girlfriends from college were together, and I cried the whole way to the airport once it was over. Even though we're scattered in different cities, things are always the same when we're together again. These friendships mean so much to me. On my run this morning I remembered the above quote from Sex and the City that seemed really apropos, because I don't know where I'd be without my best girls.

P.S. See a few Austin photos from the weekend here.

Austin Bound


In a few short hours I'll be off to Austin for my best friend's bachelorette! We've been planning the weekend for so long, I can hardly wait to get there. I fly to Dallas tonight and a group of us are driving in the morning. I can't disclose too much of our plans in case the bachelorette is reading, but follow along on Instagram and have a great weekend!

Image and Austin guide via Design*Sponge

Pretty Summer Scent


Do you guys have a favorite fragrance? I'm a lost soul when it comes to perfumes, but the other day I picked this up and I'm loving it. I spray it on right after I get out of the shower, and it feels fresh and clean without being over-powering. It's light on the senses I like to say.

This brand is also popular right now, and if you want to smell like the ocean air.

Photo by Alexa Evans

Short Week


Sorry for the radio silence the past few days. Last week was a work week to top all work weeks, and then my mom arrived on Friday night so I went offline for the weekend (minus a few Instagrams). We had dinner at Zuni Cafe Friday, brunch at Presidio Social Club Sunday, took long walks in Golden Gate Park and in Pac Heights. I cried when she left. I've never lived this far away from my parents before and I love living in San Francisco, so while I miss them daily it's only when I see them that I'm reminded of how much.

I can't be sad for too long because I leave for Austin on Thursday for my best friend's bachelorette and when I get back Sunday Ian will be home from his surf trip in Indonesia! 

How was your weekend? Happy belated Mother's Day to you moms out there, and here are some links to kick off your week.

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