Minted Foil Stationary + Notebook


My iPhone is practically an extension of my body at this point. I'm constantly emailing, scrolling through my Instagram feed, pinning things for inspiration, you get the drill. But I have yet to find a digital to-do list that gives me the same satisfaction as writing things down, and I still send hand-written notes to family and friends. 

When I heard about the new foil stationary and personalized notebooks from Minted I couldn't wait to order a few things. I personalized this color block notebook and it's been nice having a place to jot down notes and to-dos for this blog. I have almost been married a year but I am still getting used to my new last name, so it was fun to order new stationary - and this arabesque foil-pressed stationary is so gorgeous, like something out of the 1920s. 

Photos by Kirby Brooks Todd for Short & Sweet Blog

The Unexpected.


I think one of the craziest things about parenting (aside from the decibel level they can reach - but they are so, why are their voices so loud?) is the unexpected challenges and lessons that arise on a daily, hourly, sometimes minute by minute basis. Sometimes they are small, like for instance an argument about wearing cupcake fleece pajamas and a Santa Claus hat out to the grocery store in 90 degree weather. But sometimes they are bigger. And those are the times that you find yourself desperately wishing for an argument about fashion choices.

Last Friday we had what amounted to a minor health related scare with Mila, and everything is alright, but for several minutes I was thrown out of my world and definitely outside my comfortable parenting zone. I was in unexpected territory and it's not a place I want to go back to. Suddenly everything else seemed petty and inconsequential. It's like someone packed a box full of perspective and dropped it right at my feet. That night we read five extra books at bedtime and we curled up snugly, warm and cozy, and I think I was the most blissfully happy I've ever been.

The next day I told her she could wear her pajamas all day. Because really...maybe she's onto something.

Photo credit: Alexa Evans (Can you spot Phoenix)? And just to reassure those who may have thought he climbed that hedge, he's on Dad's shoulders. ;)

Short Hair + Stripes


I went in for a trim a few weeks ago and ended up cutting 4 inches off! What do you think? I'm still getting used to it, I do like switching things up but miss my beloved top knot!

This striped Charles Henry top was one of my final purchases from Capricorn, my favorite La Jolla boutique, before moving to San Francisco. It's one of those great shirts that doesn't wrinkle and the sheer panel at the top makes it dressy enough for after-work drinks.

Back on Track


Guys, it's been one of those weeks where I've just been feeling off. Ian was traveling for work so, along with our boxer, I have been holding down the fort around here ... just barely. I accepted a spontaneous dinner invite Monday (best.sushi.ever), worked on a fun blog project Tuesday (more to come soon), and caught up with girlfriends over margaritas at Nopalito last night, but between all of the fun I've just been off kilter. One day I forgot my bus pass, another I spilled coffee and had to change for work when I was running late, I was even more wobbly in yoga than usual. You get the drill. It's all minor in the grand scheme of things but regardless I am looking forward to doing absolutely nothing tonight, to celebrating Ian's grad school graduation with drinks Saturday (in case you're wondering, he finished his Masters in Environmental Law; proud wife over here), and to getting back on track. Also, I may spend the weekend hunting for leather leggings so I can try to look like the chick above. What's on your agenda?

So fun seeing a good friend on 100 Layer Cake. Pretty sure these two are one of the most attractive couples, maybe ever.

Congrats to Victoria on her new site!

Bravo Modcloth.

Hilarious San Francisco post cards (Meh is our favorite).

Fall fashion trends.

Anna Wintour did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and, gasp, got her hair wet.

This guy tried to live like Blake Lively for a week.

And in case you missed it:

Social media 101

A golden look.

5 products that are in our online shopping carts.

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Social Media


A few weeks ago, a coworker (and friend; check out her blog here) and I attended a social media workshop hosted by Design*Sponge at San Francisco's Makeshift Society.  Between Short & Sweet Blog and my role at my agency, social media is a constant for me, and it's constantly changing. Whether you manage a brand's social media account or happily pin inspiration for fun, I thought I'd share some takeaways from the event. I'd love to hear any social media tips you have as well, leave 'em in the comments.

Facebook: You'll get half of your reach within the first 30 minutes.
Days to post:Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Times to post: 7-9am, 5-6pm, 10-12pm/early morning, before sinner, before bed

Twitter: Tweets with photos get twice the amount of engagement as posts without images, while tweets with less than 100 characters see 17% more engagement.
Days to post:Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Times to post: 6-8am & pm/when people are commuting

Instagram: 69% of all comments happen within the first 3 hours and Instagram videos are most popular during non-work hours.
Days to post: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
Times to post: 9am-7pm (all day), peak is between 2-3pm

Pinterest: The most popular pins are related to DIY, recipes, and quotes.
Days to post: Saturday, Sunday
Times to post: 8-10pm, 4-5pm, 10pm-12am

YouTube: Most vidoes are around two minutes long, and the most popular categories are Entertainment, sports, music, and comedy.

Days to post: Monday-Friday (peak is Thursday)
Times to post: 8am-1pm (rises), 12am-4am (burst)

Other major takeaways:

  • Content should be 1/3 promotional, 1/3 personal, and 1/3 other people (sharing others' posts that you love).
  • Early adoption is key.
  • So is engaging with your audience.

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