Wear the Dress


“Brass shines with constant usage, a beautiful dress needs wearing, leave a house empty, it rots.” -- Ovid

I read this quote and it really stuck with me. All the more reason to use the good glasses, wear the dress (in my case, a new top I'd been inexplicably "saving") and light the "for company only" candle. Have a good long weekend.

Summer Fridays


There’s nothing better than a summer Friday. As an adult, summer can feel like any other season but this summer I’ve actually had a string of summer Fridays that have made it actually feel like summer, even if it’s still foggy in San Francisco. 

Two weeks ago, I took a personal day after a few grueling weeks of work and just had a little staycation day in San Francisco that included dinner at a new spot called Pearl (that we loved). Last Friday, my agency took us to Sonoma for a summer Friday party and I spent the day by the pool drinking rosé (not bad!). And this Friday, we’re heading to Park City for Labor Day with family. I figured since it's Monday I'd reminisce about a better day of the week. 

Here are some photos from Sonoma, and what’s coming with me in my suitcase (plus a few things on my wish list):

Summer stapes: Like this straw bag and striped tee. 

A dress to take me from day to night.

My favorite Outdoor Voices leggings and Nikes for long walks with my mom and hikes with the whole family. 

My new suit from Solid & Striped, my favorite swimwear line (top here + bottoms here). I also swooped up this Universal Thread hat at Target for under $20.

Monday Morning


I’m typing this while sipping my first coffee of the week, prolonging walking the dog because it’s foggy and cold outside. I haven’t check in here in over a month and am unsure if anyone’s even reading, but since I actually felt like writing and sharing some images that make me smile, here we are.

What have I been up to this past few months? Work and weddings pretty much sums it up. We had weddings for two close friends in Aspen and San Diego and in between work has been nonstop, as in 12 hour days and weekend work nonstop.

We have been home without plans the past two weekends which has felt hugely indulgent. We’ve cooked a lot of meals at home, hardly ventured out of our neighborhood, and I have nearly completed a few projects that I’ve been meaning to tackle for ages, including a wedding album for our five year anniversary. Oh, and this past weekend I ran a half marathon. 

Here’s to hoping I can make more regular appearances here and everyone has a good start to their week.

Images: 1 / 2 / 3

Summer (Block) Sandals


I’m going to be really bummed when block heels fade out of style. They’re so much more comfortable than their stiletto cousins! This summer, we have a strong of weddings and events, starting this weekend in Aspen, and I’m planning to double down on my block sandals while I still can. A few trends I’ve been noticing this season include woven textures, double or triple straps, and lucite. See below for my picks for summer block sandals, from brands I consistently shop - like Dolce Vita - to new-to-me ones like Dear Frances. (top image)
  1. Schutz Clarcie Block Heel Woven Sandals $200
  2. Sigerson Morrison Marnin Block Heel Sandals $206
  3. Dear Frances Luna Slingbacks $425
  4. Jessica Simpson Fixton Strappy Slide Sandal $78
  5. Kendall + Kylie Leila 3 Band Sandal $129
  6. Dolce Vita Zarita Blunted Toe Sandal $120

Social Media Detox


To be honest, I roll my eyes when I read about someone doing a “digital detox” or “deleting Facebook” (especially when they continue to scroll through Instagram - as Facebook owns Instagram). I work in advertising, and lead a social and influencer team, so you could say scrolling through Instagram and Facebook is kind of my job. And I truly believe that social media has done so much good! 

That said, on Friday night I found myself home alone - with Ian out of town - happy as a clam to be without plans after a busy week. I did notice, however, that my hand wandered to my iPhone one too many times, and I would be clicking through Instagram Stories before I even knew what was happening. So, I decided to take a mini social media hiatus myself. I deleted Instagram (my biggest vice) from my phone Friday evening and made a little vow to not get the app back until Sunday evening. 

While it wasn’t hard, I did notice that it’s become muscle memory to go to the app. And while I did enjoy a little scrolling session when I got Instagram back, I think it’s made me more conscious of my habit not only when I’m alone but also when I’m with others. So I may now be a digital detox convert, if only for a few days!