10 Things That Have Made This Summer Awesome


A weekend away in Carmel with my husband. {Bliss}

A trip to Fairyland with Mila and my niece, Marina.

The comfiest maxi dress (shown above).

Phoenix turning one-year-old (my baby)!!!

Glitter Guide x Lulu & Georgia party. You can buy the rug above here.

Dinner and wine out with my best friend (good for the soul).

Delicious dinners with my parents, where the conversations are lively and entertaining and make me nostalgic for my childhood.

Windansea Beach at sunset. With my two kiddos in tow.

A visit to Santa Cruz....my old stomping grounds.

Mila and Phoenix officially sharing their room. This might be the most exciting thing that has happened. Kidding...sort of.

Photo by Alexa Evans for Short & Sweet Blog

Recent Acquisitons


Just popping in to share a few recent acquisitions. Anything on your wish list right now?

Steve Madden Nonstp Booties
I finally pulled the trigger on these babies. They're comfortable enough for me to wear them all day to work (that counts walking to and from the bus) and out for drinks afterward. Sold.

BKR Water Bottle
I'd been eying a friend from work's BKR water bottle and scooped up my own (in mint) this weekend. Anything to get myself to drink more aqua right?

J. Crew Denim Jacket
If there's one thing I have learned in my short time in San Francisco it's to always pack a jacket. This denim one is a few favorite.

A Shared Room

It may sound crazy, but Mila and Phoenix just started sharing a room three weeks ago. Up until then he was bunking in our room and the sleeping situation was... shall we say challenging. He was sleeping fine, but I was having trouble relaxing and I missed curling up with a book before bed. I am quite possibly the world's lightest sleeper, and as a result, most nights I shuffled to and from bed to couch. I sometimes contemplated crawling into bed with Mila (but her foot usually ends up jammed in my nose or back). But we had mastered him sleeping through the night, which to any parent like running 25 marathons in a row and finally getting the gold. I was afraid to move him from his safe little corner in our room. I knew though, that we had to make a change. So one night we did. And a funny thing happened.

He still slept through the night without so much as a peep. And so did Mila. The second night I put them to bed and poured a glass of wine sitting on pins and needles waiting for screaming or yelling from one or both of them. Nothing. The third night I relaxed a little. And the fourth night Matt and I were talking about how we were clearly the most experienced parents ever in the history of sibling room sharing. The fifth night Phoenix screamed when I put him down and Mila screamed back at him "to please be quiet baby, it's nighttime and I'm trying sleep!" for 32 minutes (yep I timed it) and I reined in my gloating. But the thing is overall it's pretty amazing. Matt and I get our room back and on some nights I hear Mila talking or singing to "the baby" as she still calls him. And that's probably the best part of all. ;)

Do you have two or more kids? Do they share a room? I'd love to hear!

Photos by Alexa Evans for Short & Sweet Blog

One Month in San Francisco


We've been living in San Francisco for a month now, although sometimes it feels like we just got here and other times it feels like we've lived here for longer. Here are a few snapshots of life here so far.

Top row, left to right:

Beach day in Pacifica / My office / A favorite house down the street

Bottom row, left to right:

Pretty skies in Alamo Square / Patriotic on the 4th of July / The dreamy view out of our window

Photos by Kirby Brooks Todd for Short & Sweet Blog



It's here! Happy Friday everyone! I'm not lying when I say that I'm having very real withdrawals about it not being last weekend. It was so nice to escape for a little bit. And sleep in. And not work. Or blog. Or check emails. But this week was not too shabby as it turns out. The P-man turned one year old. Honestly, WTF? Where did that year go??? We're still lounging around at my parents' house, which is always a treat (I don't have to cook and I have extra help with the kiddos). Plus, I helped put on an extraordinary event for The Glitter Guide with my Lulu & Georgia team (see above). It was a superbly gorgeous party. 

This weekend, we're having dinner with my very best, bestest friend ever and her husband, and then having a little party for the P-man with cupcakes and mimosas (because what is a one-year-old party without mimosas)?? I hope you all have a good one! See you back here on Monday!

Calvin and Hobbes revisited. Made me tear up.

A yummy cocktail for summer.

What if we all acted as if we were in the World Cup? Made me laugh.

I'm currently reading this book. It's pretty funny for a light, laughable summer read.

True, right?

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A long gold necklace.

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Phoenix turned one!

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