Bring on the Romance.


A couple of weeks ago, Matt and I went to a wedding in Monterey. Thus, an opportunity presented itself: To stay in one of our favorite + incredibly romantic spots: Carmel-by-the-Sea. Two nights without the kiddos. Seriously: amazing. I'm still having withdrawals. We stayed in the old La Playa Carmel, which had gorgeous grounds, and they served wine and cheese in the study at 5pm every night (naturally).

We slept in. Strolled to brunch. Napped. Read books. Took baths. Walked on the beach. Ate dinner at 8:30. Ordered dessert. Marvelous.

As a married couple with children, it was one of those refreshers. Life can get overwhelming, exhausting and can seem like a drill every night, with the kids' always taking precedence. There's rarely anytime for ourselves these days, and when there is, all we want to do is sleep.

 Matt in his "oh my God, another photo?" facial expression.

My parents graciously took the kids for the weekend and it is exactly what we both needed to reconnect. Two hour conversations about world affairs and politics and the housing market. We may have mentioned our kids a couple times (maybe more than a couple), but for a time it was just us: the ones who started our family in the first place. And it felt good.

Do you have any favorite romantic spots? I'd love to hear.

PS I would totally recommend La Playa, if you are going to Carmel. The room we stayed in was small, but it was sweetly updated, and it felt a little bit like inhabited a little piece of a long gone era. 

Top two photos: La Playa Hotel. Bottom three: Alexa Evans for Short & Sweet Blog

My Perfect Sunday: Jen Robin


After a few weeks off, we're back with our My Perfect Sunday series, this time with Jen Robin who writes an eponymous lifestyle blog that we can't get enough of. We'll let her take it away and describe her perfect day:

What I'd wear: Romper, flats, and fun accessories.

What I'd eat: Coffee, donuts (it's a sunday treat), egg scramble and homemade dinner! 

What I'd do: Coffee and a good book in bed, church, brunch with friends, farmers market stroll for fresh flowers, ending with a sunset bike ride and homemade dinner.

Who I'd spend it with: My best friends and my 2 1/2 year old pup Charlie.

Soundtrack: Sam Smith anything!

Photos via / Graphics by Short & Sweet Blog 

Dinner Date


It's Friday! This Friday is extra-special because Alexa & I are having a rare blogger dinner date. Oh, and drinks, there will definitely be drinks. Follow along on our Instagram and see below for some favorite links this week.

Blake Lively launched a lifestyle website. Think GOOP but more granola (and more hipster).

I officially want to live in a tree house.

I have a twin at work.

The brands most mentioned on SATC.

I typically go for Nikes but am thinking of switching to these Asics. Do any of you run in Asics? Would love to hear your opinion.

In defense of women who work in PR.

My coworker Lindsay's DIY was featured on Apartment Therapy! For more DIYs and everyday musings, head over to her blog Growing East.

I need to cool it on my shopping, but I may need to scoop up this dress in time for the Indian Summer that will apparently hit San Francisco in October.

And in case you missed it:

I've officially been in San Francisco for a month.

Mila and Phoenix share the most adorable room.

Some recent acquisitions

Image via

10 Things That Have Made This Summer Awesome


A weekend away in Carmel with my husband. {Bliss}

A trip to Fairyland with Mila and my niece, Marina.

The comfiest maxi dress (shown above).

Phoenix turning one-year-old (my baby)!!!

Glitter Guide x Lulu & Georgia party. You can buy the rug above here.

Dinner and wine out with my best friend (good for the soul).

Delicious dinners with my parents, where the conversations are lively and entertaining and make me nostalgic for my childhood.

Windansea Beach at sunset. With my two kiddos in tow.

A visit to Santa old stomping grounds.

Mila and Phoenix officially sharing their room. This might be the most exciting thing that has happened. Kidding...sort of.

Photo by Alexa Evans for Short & Sweet Blog

Recent Acquisitons


Just popping in to share a few recent acquisitions. Anything on your wish list right now?

Steve Madden Nonstp Booties
I finally pulled the trigger on these babies. They're comfortable enough for me to wear them all day to work (that counts walking to and from the bus) and out for drinks afterward. Sold.

BKR Water Bottle
I'd been eying a friend from work's BKR water bottle and scooped up my own (in mint) this weekend. Anything to get myself to drink more aqua right?

J. Crew Denim Jacket
If there's one thing I have learned in my short time in San Francisco it's to always pack a jacket. This denim one is a few favorite.