2018, That's a Wrap


Have you heard the saying, “the days are long, but the years are short?” That is really resonating on the final day of 2018.  I took a peek back at my “18 for 2018” list to see how I did. I was successful on a few major ones, like running another half marathon, hosting more at our place, and prioritizing my health. We didn’t buy a house but we did move into a new rental we love and I upped my volunteering by joining the board of ECS. Overall, I’ll chalk it up as a win! 

As for 2019 goals, I’m going to keep it simple with three main goals. 

  1. Remember to be grateful. In talking to my therapist we uncovered that my ambition and pragmatism can mean that I’m always thinking of the next accomplishment instead of enjoying that I have now. I’ve found that forcing myself to make a list of things, however small, I’m grateful for really helps with my overall happiness and wellbeing. 
  2. Keep a closer eye on our finances by checking our credit card daily. Finance apps don’t work for us because every month is so different, but checking what we’re spending daily will help me know more about where our money is going. Ian keeps a close eye on things but I want to be as knowledgeable as he is in terms of our joint finances. 
  3. After 13 (!!) years together and five married, I think we’re ready to have a baby. Scary to type this but we’re hoping we’ll end 2019 with a baby or one on the way. This goes with my 2018 resolution about prioritizing my health as I know things like stress can affect my ability to get pregnant. 

Tonight, we’re having cracked crab with friends and toasting with champagne at 9pm (midnight in New York) to avoid entering 2019 hungover and tired. This is 32… 

Cheers to a happy and healthy new year.

Six Coats (Plus My Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited)


I know when most women hear the words “Rent the Runway” they automatically think dresses. And did I originally started my Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription because I had six weddings this year, most of them with the same group of friends, and didn’t want to spend money on dresses I’d only wear once. Of course, I could re-wear dresses, but if I’m being honest, I like shopping and fashion and so the option of renting something out of my comfort zone (and not a simple dress that I could wear over and over again) appealed to me.

So, I started my monthly subscription and this year’s “wedding season” was substantially less stressful. The wedding in Hawaii with a welcome luau and Hawaiian black tie dress code for the big day? Easy. The Charleston winter wedding (my brother’s) requiring something for the bridesmaid’s lunch, rehearsal dinner, and long, black bridesmaids dress? Done. 

What’s been more surprising about my subscription though, is how much it’s helped with the stress of getting dressed for work five days a week and finding something fun for special occasions (that aren’t weddings). The subscription isn’t cheap, at $159 / month, but I get four items at a time that I can rotate in and out as much as I want. This is especially easy since RTR has a physical store in San Francisco.

This winter, I’ve even scooped up a few coats to supplement my gray, black, and camel staples. Here are a few coats currently in my closet or my “Hearts” section on RTR.

  1. Saylor Faux Fur Emanuela Bomber Jacket: A leopard print bomber isn’t something I’d spent $375 on because it’s such a statement, making it the perfect trendy rental.
  2. Scotch & Soda Satin and Canvas Jacket: I love the blush and tan skin on this puffer. The gold zipper and teddy collar are the icing on the cake.
  3. La Vie Rebecca Taylor Dot Faux Fur Coat: If I had somewhere fancy (and cold!) to be during the holidays I’d have snatched this up. 
  4. Heart loom Plaid Kai Coat: This arrives just in time for the holidays and I can’t wait to wear it!
  5. Waverly Grey Plaid Hunter Coat: This coat had me at windowpane plaid in navy and gray. 
  6. Cupcakes and Cashmere Plaid Adi Coat: I wore this to a big meeting for a confidence boost and got so many compliments. I love the duster length and unexpected orange accent.
Top Image (p.s. I am searching for the original artist so if you know please reply in the comments so I can properly credit them!)

Our Inner Richmond Apartment


We moved a few months ago after living in the same Nopa Edwardian for over four years - the longest I’ve lived anywhere since the home I grew up in! After a few unsuccessful attempts at buying an apartment in San Francisco, we decided to take a pause and look at a bigger rental. We found our new Inner Richmond apartment on a Sunday, signed the lease Tuesday (while I was in the Munich airport on my way to Greece for work, no less), and moved two weeks later. 

Our new space is spacious (for a city), at 1,100 square feet, has wood floors, a second bedroom, and the kind of details that made me fall in love with San Francisco in the first place. We immediately bought the Mid-Century sectional we’d been eyeing, some rugs to pull the space together, and a daybed to allow guests to visit immediately (we have a guest room!!!). We still have some projects to finish but it already feels like home.

I was hesitant to share any photos because in the blogging world “home reveals” are kind of a big deal. We’re not working with a decorator, the apartment isn’t finished, and I took these photos on my iPhone, but I’m sharing them nonetheless. I think we need a little less perfect on the Internet anyway, right? And as much as I love gift guides, it’s pretty much the only content I’m seeing right now. 

Living Room: Striped Rug (sold out but similar here) // Area Rug // Article Sven Sectional 

California Fires


It’s been over a week since wildfires started sweeping my home state of California. I’m writing this from home as our office is closed today and it’s downright apocalyptic outside. Air quality is at 235 on the index, which is very unhealthy, so those braving the outdoors are doing so wearing masks. As bad as the smoke is in San Francisco though, the losses felt across the state are incomprehensible. Near Paradise, CA, not far from San Francisco, some 600 people are missing and 66+ reported dead from the Camp Fire. It is the worst fire in our state's history, and that’s only what’s happening in half of the state.

It’s easy to feel helpless but I have found that counting my blessings and doing my part of help the efforts really helps.

See here for a comprehensive guide to how to help those affected by the Northern California Camp Fire, Hill and Woolsey Fires in. Ventura and LA counties, as well as state-wide donations. We personally donated to the California Fire Foundation, which honors the firefighters putting their lives on the line by providing financial and emotional support to the state’s firefighters, their families, and communities affected by devastating fires.

Image is from Northern California-based flower studio The Pollen Mill in partnership with photographer Crystal Lynn Collins. 100% of the proceeds for this limited edition fine art photo print will be donated to assist with relief efforts in California.



This is the longest I've gone without writing or at least stopping by my little corner of the internet since starting this site over ten years ago. Rather than a longwinded post explaining how busy I've been or what's stopped me from writing, I'm just popping in to say happy Halloween. I think we can all use a day to dress a little spooky - or silly - and eat some candy amiright?