The Reformation's Lower-Priced Line, The Obvious Collection


I finally gave in and bought my first dress from The Reformation a few months ago. It was on sale and a size too big, requiring a good amount of tailoring, but I can't stop imagining all of the places I'm going to wear it. To a wedding in Cabo next month. With my leather jacket and booties out to dinner in Paris. 

So I couldn't be more excited about the The Obvious Collection, the brand's new lower-priced line. Everyone needs a little black dress like this one and how effortless is this dress? There might be more than one dress from The Reformation in my closet soon. 

Deodorant You Can Swear By


Yes, this my friends, is post about deodorant. And before you flip the proverbial page, for fear of unrelenting boredom that might ensue, let me let you in on a little secret. You will love it. You will open this deodorant every morning and think that you are in a spa, a place where you can almost hear the gentleness of the waves, the smell of salt in the air, that relaxed, perfectly serene feeling that you wish for each morning, but can never achieve. Ok, I'm over-selling. But look, your armpits are going to smell fantastic. All day. And that's what matters right?

I have to thank my friend Nikki who sent Soapwalla deodorant to me as a birthday present earlier this month. She said she's been obsessed with the deodorant, which is made with all natural ingredients and comes in this cute little tub. I know exactly what you are saying right now. "But, I've tried those all natural deodorants before and they don't work. I'm still sweaty and smelly." But guess what? This one does. And you have to take my word for it that I don't smell right now.

It's made from jojoba oil, tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint, shea butter and several other products that form to create this amazing-smelling cream that you rub on in the morning. It's really great. And I'll stop there to refrain from sounding like a total weirdo.

Also, great: this. I use it once a week in the shower to scrub away those dry, dead skin cells. Especially wonderful on the soles of your feet.

Treat yourself and your body. :) 

What body products do you swear by?

Wander: Travel Bucket List


For some reason, Ian and I have been talking about places we want to travel recently. We're heading to London and Paris in March, he's gong to Bali on a surf trip in May (don't be surprised if I hitch a ride in his board bag), and we have weddings scattered across southern California throughout the year plus two in Mexico (one in Cabo and the other in San Miguel de Allende). We know we'll be traveling for weddings for the next few years, but have also started making a list of the places we really want to visit while it's just us and out dog. Here's what we have so far. I'd love to hear your travel list.

South Africa


Jewelry Delivery by Rocksbox (plus a discount code)


Other than my engagement and wedding rings, I don't wear a lot of jewelry. There's a David Yurman bracelet I received when I graduated from college and a delicate gold evil eye necklace that my best girlfriends and I each have, but otherwise it's all statement pieces. And the problem with statement pieces, I've found, is that they don't usually work their way into my regular rotation. 

So when jewelry delivery service Rocksbox reached out to me, I was excited to see what their stylists would pick out for me. The first shipment featured a Vanessa Mooney necklace that I'm still kicking myself for not buying (you can send back all pieces for a fresh batch or purchase any of them for a discounted rate), and the selections have been spot on each month. I can't wait to open each new delivery and know that once wedding season starts I'll be happy to have new jewelry to wear with some of past season's dresses.

Rocksbox is $19 per month but enter kirbyxoxo at checkout to receive a free month through January 31. I can't wait to hear what you think!

This post is sponsored by Rocksbox but all of the opinions are our own.

Long Short Week


I easily packed six days of work into your this week, and also managed to meet friends for dinner one night (we went here), do yoga after work another night, and take a trip to Oakland for work-meets-play last night. As much as I'd like to collapse this weekend, we have friends in town from Sydney and I couldn't be more excited.

Here are a few links we loved this week and we'll see you here on Monday. Have a good weekend lovelies!

I love that turtlenecks are back in and that this is now a trend.

Uh-oh, Mercury is in retrograde. Here's how to cope.

Man, Tavi Gevinson is just so cool.

Speaking of It Girls, Alexa Chung revealed her collab with AG this week.

This list is really interesting.

I met this lovely lady and her partners for drinks in Oakland last night (more about Tiny Atlas next week).

In case you're wondering, we had drinks and snacks at Penrose and then my coworker and I popped across the street for pizza (and more cocktails) at Boot and Shoe Service.

After reading this post I really want to book some picnic tables at Hog Island.

And in case you missed it:

Sweet desktop and iPhone wallpaper downloads.

A walk across that famous bridge.