The Red Balloon


Can I tell you something? On many (ok, most) days I feel like I am racing. There is always something to do. Heck there are things that need to be done now. Dusting for instance. Like when did that last happen? There are about 25 toys scattered on my lawn. The laundry that has been sitting in the dryer for the last three days needs to be folded. And probably ironed. The dog's water dish needs to be refilled (he's licking the bowl). Ok, I just did that...poor dog. But seriously there is always so much that can be done, it's sometimes best to just ignore it (FYI I am really good at this).

But anyway, the other evening we snapped a few photos of the P Man and his (or more accurately, Mila's red balloon). He was transfixed. In awe. Flabergasted. Amused. For a few minutes I was lost in his baby jubilation (before Mila screamed: "NO BABY, That's MY balloon," and snatched it out of his sticky little hands, causing a big pouty face and an ensuing tantrum. 

But really, for those precious few moments it was seriously beautiful.
That big red balloon, hovering above seriously blew his little baby mind.

Photos original to Short & Sweet Blog

Eating & Sipping Our Way Through SF

We didn't even scrape the surface of places to eat and drink in San Francisco (not to mention that I did zero shopping), but here are a few photos from our trip, with a list of the eateries and drinking holes we visited. 

Where We Ate:
Locunda we started with some negronis and the jerusalem artichoke appetizer and it only got better from there
Green Chili Kitchen new mexican-inspired cuisine / so delicious with a great casual vibe
The Mill they just serve fancy toast and good coffee and they do it well / line out the door (in the rain!) but it was worth the wait
Padrecito we tried to go to zazie but the wait was too long / this place didn't disappoint
Pizza Inferno we were starved saturday and stopped into this pac heights pizzeria / the perfect pitstop to keep us going for the afternoon

Where We Sipped:
 Zeitgeist massive patio / perfect for a daytime beer
Magnolia located on haight / they brew their own beer and the food looked good, too
The Page perfectly dive-y 
Fly Bar located on Divisidero / stopped for an early evening glass of prosecco
Rye cocktail bar / had my first pimms cup in years
The Social Study located in japan town / we met friends here for a drink

Photos by Short & Sweet Blog.

Behind the Business: Lettermade


We're back with our Behind the Business series, this time with Malia Dreyer, who owns the shop we're obsessed with, Lettermade (you might recognize it from this giveaway). It was such a treat to learn more about her company and vision.

What: Lettermade, a Florida-based shopped selling embroidered cocktail napkins (with dinner napkins coming soon!).

Who: Malia Dreyer

Tell us about Lettermade.
Lettermade originated from my appreciation of a great monogram and grew into a small shop bridging my fancy for embroidery, home decor and beautiful linens. Dinner parties with friends and family are the best. Conversations over wine, cocktails, or dinner make some of the best memories...Lettermade being part of this is what I hope for! Mixing contemporary designs with the traditional craft of embroidery is what Lettermade is all about. I hope that what I make for others will be part of fabulous get-togethers and keepsakes for the years to come!

What were you doing before you launched your company?
I've always had an interest in style....both fashion and interiors. While in college, I interned at an apparel showroom in New York City and after college worked in advancement and marketing for a private school. My creative outlet (and non-stop hobby!) had been embroidery, and eventually turned into what is now Lettermade! I love creating something that brings beauty and comfort to the surroundings of a home- you'll always see my love of design and creative colors influencing Lettermade linens! 

What would you say are three keys to success for an emerging brand to get them on people’s radars and up the awareness factor around their company?
Social media has been a major help! I was able to share my product on Instagram before my website even launched! Second, keeping a “stick-to-it”, positive attitude, because there can (and will be) days that don’t go so well! And third, believing in your brand or product and being able to communicate that to others. I hope that everyone who buys Lettermade cocktail napkins feel that hospitable, inviting, "taken-care-of" feel when they use their new linens.

If you could describe the brand in 3 words, what would they be?
Narrowed down to two words it would be "modern traditionalist." The Lettermade gal values classic design and decor stirred up with a contemporary flare!

What do you see as the greatest opportunities for your brand? What about challenges?
I love what I do so much; every day I think about new ways to grow and expand the brand. This summer I am so excited about our launch of a small collection of dinner napkins. I would say some of the greatest opportunities would be continuing to collaborate with bloggers and magazines in the future! It’s really awesome to see how supportive and encouraging women are of one another through blogs and various social media outlets- I am very grateful for the bloggers who have supported Lettermade and encouraged me!
The biggest challenge was learning about starting a business from the ground up; I started asking for advice and tried to take things one step at time...I remind myself to have patience! When challenges arise, I try my best to work my way through them head on, learn from mistakes, and keep on going! I think challenges can be a really good thing and definitely part of the learning curve when starting a business. 

What is the biggest goal for Lettermade in 2014 and beyond?
We'll be adding dinner napkins this summer and plan on continuing to grow Lettermade in ways that will compliment aspects of dining and entertaining in terms of linens. Embroidery is such a beautiful art and absolutely timeless; I love that Lettermade linens will be in homes for years and years to come!

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Love Your Laptop


Hey look. We kind of love you guys, so I thought I'd kiss up to your laptop too. Here are some desktop backgrounds to remind you of spring.

 Click to download Rain
Click to download Spring Garden.
Original size is 1856x1161 

P.S. In case you haven't heard, ShopBop is giving 25% off for its Friends & Family Sale with the code INTHEFAMILY14. Just because it's the Friends & Family Sale doesn't mean we can't scoop up a few things for ourselves, right? This dress would be perfect for a few upcoming weddings, this skirt is perfect for spring (we're suckers for stripes), and this is the cutest little coin purse we have ever seen.

My Perfect Sunday: Natalie Merrillyn


We're so excited to have Natalie from her eponymous blog Natalie Merrillyn sharing her perfect Sunday all the way from London, England.

Perfect Sunday Itinerary: My Sundays involve sleeping in till about 9, then heading to the gym for an hour long yoga class. This is the best part of my Sunday: it gets me mentally ready for the week ahead. Afterwards, I'll normally come home and make a big brunch or lunch with my husband. After that we'll go for a walk or bike ride if the weather's nice, then come home and study, read, or blog. I make sure the house is clean and in order, and we'll finish the day by watching a few episodes of House of Cards.

Thanks for stopping by, Natalie!

If you're wondering, these are the Lululemon, skinny jeans, a comfortable top, and booties she'd wear - and the super chill tune sounds like this.

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And UPDATE: The winner of our Nico and Lala Giveaway is...Annie Reeves! Thank you all so much for entering and following our blog!

Images via Natalie Merrillyn / Graphics by Short & Sweet blog

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