Summer Solstice


So yesterday was officially the first day of summer (and longest day of the year), but I always think of the first day of summer as August 21 because it's my dad's birthday, and every other year it falls on the summer solstice. Happy happy birthday Dad!

Since it'll be fall before we know it (eeps) I wanted to put together a summer to do list. While we're enjoying amazing summer-like weather currently in San Francisco, it's typically chilly in through September, but that doesn't mean I can't be in a summer state of mind. Here's my summer to-do list. I'd love to hear what's on yours in the comments.

1. Head to the beach after work. There's nothing our dog loves more than running in the sand and now that it stays lighter later, we can definitely squeeze in an after-work trip once a week at least.

2. Since I can't always wear summery dresses and tank tops, I'm vowing to paint my nails in summery shades all season long.

3. Two words: oysters + rosé. There's nothing more summery than a happy hour with two of my favorite things. We're headed to Leo's Oyser Bar tonight and you can't beat Hog Island at the Ferry Building, but Swan Oyster Depot and Bar Crudo have been on my list since we moved here.

4. Have friends over. Our place is tiny but we really enjoy having friends nonetheless. Summery meals feel easy breezy so it's a less stressful time of year to entertain, too.

5. Break up my routine. I can get into a rut easily, whether it's doing the same running route each morning or wearing the same skinny jeans a few days a week to work. It's amazing how much trying a new route or swapping booties for sandals makes a difference in my outlook. 

6. Live music. We're trying to get our hands on some Outside Lands tickets and I've been checking for upcoming shows at The Independent, Rickshaw Stop, and The Fox.

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Kate Moss x Equipment


I've always been a fan of Equipment, and the two silk button downs I have are on regular rotation in my closet. So when I heard about the collaboration between the French brand and Kate Moss I was instantly intrigued. Of course, the line doesn't disappoint. This classic leopard shirt, this oxford, and this lightning bolt sweater are all on my wish list. 

See more sketches and photos from the lookbook here.

All You Need Is


After the tragedy in Orlando I wasn't quite sure what to say here to be quite honest, so I took a few days off. It was a strange week, going through the daily grind knowing what people are going through across the country and feeling helpless and frustrated about all of the lives lost on Sunday and the potential ones that will be lost in the future if something doesn't change.  

In case you're looking for a way to help victims, see below for a few links. 

Equality Florida, a nonprofit LGBT organization, has set up a GoFundMe account for the victims and their families.

The OneOrlando Fund was created by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer in response to the tragedy and will focus on helping victims and strengthening the Orlando community.

Everytown for Gun Safety advocates for an end to gun violence. The organization works with survivors to address public officials to help foster change.

And because it's Friday and we need to keep on keeping on, here are some other links to peruse with your coffee.

This article on being a worrier by Garance Doré really hit home.

Larry David is back! Cannot wait for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Fact: Teenagers apparently don't go through the awkward phase anymore. No fair!

Eww. Clean your phone ASAP.

These are the coolest doughnuts I've ever seen.

I always look forward to the weekly series The Punch List on Luella & June. This week, Bradley introduced me to these colorful H&M sandals (which are under $40 btw).

This hotel is on my bucket list.

Summer Reading List


I mentioned last week that I just started Modern Lovers and tend to read lighter books during the summer, so I thought I'd share my reading list this summer. See below and let me know what you're reading in the comments.

1. Emma Straub's Modern Lovers is about a group of college friends settling into adulthood in New York. I also really liked The Vacationers.

2. Wreck and Order: A Novel by Hannah Tennant-More tells the story of Elsie, who flees a dead-end job in New York for Sri Lanka and Paris to create her own form of education.

3. Sweetbitter: a Novel by Stephanie Danler chronicles a year in the life at one of New York's best restaurants.  

4. I really enjoyed Jennifer Close's Girls in White Dresses and can't wait to pick up her latest book, The Hopefuls, which is supposed to be a hilarious look at ambition and marriage.

5. Lisa Owens' Not Working is a book about a girl doing just that while trying to find her true passion.

6. Tuesday Nights in 1980 by Molly Prentiss follows an artist in 1980s Soho.

P.S. This blogger is attempting to read all the books Rory read on Gilmore Girls in the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.

A Routine Visit


Last week I made a dermatologist appointment to check in on my eczema, discuss wrinkle prevention, and check out a mole on my collar bone. I figured she would shrug off the mole, but she was concerned and wanted to remove it immediately. The only part that hurt was when she numbed the area and I tried to make pleasant conversation while she removed the mole and bandaged me up (I'm a complete wimp at the doctor's office). 

Overall it's healing nicely and was only sore for a day or two afterward, but yesterday she called and said that it was a common form of skin cancer called Basil Cell Carcinoma. I've been trying to be diligent about wearing sunscreen and faking a tan with self tanner, but this is a wakeup call. Like most people I feel like I look better with a hint of a tan, but I'm vowing to have it always be a fake one and load up on SFP from now on.

I have been loyal to Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Water-Light Daily Face Sunscreen SPF 60, but just spotted Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50 and Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment SPF 30 at a trip to Sephora so I may switch things up. I'm vowing to put it on whenever I leave the house.

Self Tanner
I typically use L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Wipes, but a friend was just raving about St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan so I may need to pick it up. And in case you make a mistake, I've heard great things about the Bronze Buffer Self-Tan Remover.