The Trend I'm Surprisingly Into


Even though our summer weather really starts in September in San Francisco, I’m already excited to start shopping for real fall weather. One trend that I’m starting to see more and more of, and that I’m surprising myself in liking, is camouflage print. I have a few army green jackets on heavy rotation in my closet since they’re perfect for when the fog rolls in - and the green acts as a neutral and goes with everything - but this fall I may need to pick up a camo version. Here are a few on my wish list.

Top left: The Parka by The Great (in Pale Army) (I know this isn't technically camo but I love it so!)



If you follow me on Instagram, and watch my Stories, you know that I run through the Panhandle and Inner Richmond to Golden Gate Park most mornings. 

Over the past year, I’ve noticed more and more stenciled honey bears popping up around the city. Then it was a lady bug when I stopped to tie my shoes, and later a bright blue butterfly. After some research I learned that it’s the work of street artist fnnch. 

Since it’s a particularly dreary Thursday morning and I’m about to go for a run in the San Francisco fog, I thought I’d share some of my favorite fnnch street art. 

You literally can’t help but smile when you pass a honey bear or sunny side up egg. The majority of his work is done on styrofoam panels so there’s no permanent damage done to the places he paints, they simply bring a little more beauty to this pretty city. 

And in case you’re interested, you can get your very own honey bear here (he also recently created a La Croix collection that’s reminiscent of Warhol’ Campbell's Soup Cans). 

All images from fnnch's Instagram.

My Girls


I’m currently on a flight heading back to San Francisco after spending the weekend in Santa Barbara for a reunion with my five best girlfriends from college. In the blink of an eye, we’ve gone nearly two years without seeing each other, so to say I was looking forward to this weekend is an understatement. I’m heading home slightly sunburnt, with a stomach ache from laughing, and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world for these friendships. It was one of those weekends where you realize "these are the days."

Weekend Links


Friday. This week was one of those weeks that felt fast and slow at the same time. I managed to get in a few long runs in Golden Gate Park and last night we spent a few hours with friends and their new baby, but I’m so looking forward to a few free days. This morning I’m meeting a girlfriend for coffee before work but before that I wanted to share a few recent links that I’ve enjoyed the past few weeks. Have a good weekend, lovelies. 

Victoria shared this article and I found it fascinating. Everything you need to know about the now-infamous Fyre Festival. 

I’m not going to post about the Nordstrom sale because I know it’s all you’ve been seeing this week. I did pick up this white eyelet shirt at the Madewell sale and this silk floral top is currently in my shopping cart (both on sale!).

Have you thought about getting the Dyson hair dryer? Read this first.

Speaking of other random things I found interesting: 25 famous women and their guilty pleasures.

Joanna’s Italy vacation looked so dreamy. It made me look back at photos from our trip last summer.

And in case you missed it: some apartment updates we’re making this summer.

Easy Apartment Updates


As much as I love San Francisco, it can be a tough place to live for someone who’s constantly comparing themselves to others (guilty, working on it). I’ve had to readjust my expectations about when we’ll be able to buy our first place, since San Francisco is so expensive. 

After a few months of looking at other apartments to rent, we’ve decide to stay put and enjoy our neighborhood while we can, since the chances we’ll be able to buy in our area (Alamo Square / Nopa) are very slim. I really love our apartment not only because of the neighborhood but because it’s bright, the building is a 1920s Edwardian, and it has features I love - like beautiful crown moldings, sweet vintage tile floor in the bathroom, and bay windows - that help downplay the features I don’t love - like the carpet throughout, creepy lobby, and size (small).

Since our goal has been saving, we haven’t made many updates to our apartment since we moved in, and I think it’s time. 

Here’s my plan:

Living Room
I just put our IKEA Billy bookcase on Craig’s list along with a hand-me-down TV stand from Pottery Barn. I think the set up (bookshelf + TV stand) is a bit outdated and since they’re both dark-stained wood, I think it’s making the living space feel smaller. In place of the bookshelf and TV stand, I picked up a mid-century modern TV stand that can act as a bookshelf, has additional storage, and will force us to finally hang our flatscreen. It’s half (lighter) wood and half white and despite falling in love with another one that was 5x the price, I’m happy with the decision we made both because I love the look and the price (it’s just under $200 so if we don’t like it after a few years I won’t feel badly giving it up). 

Dining Room
We’re replacing another IKEA purchase: our tall bar table. While a counter-height table is really what will work best in the space, we love to entertain and a table that seats four prevents us from having people over as much as we’d like. Plus, it’s another dark wood piece that is feeling outdated. I’m between a few different tables and would love your opinion. Option one is this table from Room & Board (thinking: white base with a walnut butcher block top). Option two is this white table from CB2, although it’s only 27” high and I really think counter-height will work best in our space. I haven’t even thought about chairs… these are everywhere so maybe they're too trendy? And these are gorgeous but out of our price range.

This is the easiest fix because it’s art. We have a pretty large blank wall that we’re trying to fill in our bedroom, and after reading this article on A Cup of Jo I was inspired to order this wallpaper from Rebecca Atwood. I ordered a sample and it’s beyond gorgeous, but I was hoping it would be large enough to frame and am out of luck. A friend suggested blowing it up into a poster size. Thoughts? 

Images: Top / Middle / Bottom