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Health Foods You Should Consider For Your Diet


We are rapidly leaving the season of Summer behind, and moving into a more difficult time of year. It is no secret that the Autumn is tough from a dietary perspective, offering great challenges to anyone who attempts to stay healthy.

However, the season after that is the one which most people are interested in looking for. Autumn is often heralded as being the period during which people can begin to rebuild their health and fitness. This starts with a good diet, so we asked Right Path Fitness to give some of the best possible health foods choices to improve your nutrition.


One of the first foods which you can find in the spring is the humble carrot. While it may well seem like something of a basic vegetable, there are also many different health benefits which can come from the consumption of carrots.

For example, there are large quantities of Vitamin A and antioxidants which are located within the carrot, which can be very beneficial. They provide you with healthy hair and skin, as well as a po-tent preventative against cancer and the visible signs of ageing.


Strawberries are a very delicious fruit which is available in the latter portion of spring and the be-ginning of summer. As a fruit, they are not only tasty but very good for you.

You will find that they are some of the most plentiful suppliers of antioxidants which are readily available for you. It is also worth noting that despite the large quantity of plentiful sugar which ex-ists within a strawberry, they are also very good at helping to balance the natural sugars in the blood. Other qualities which people would be wise to consider is the increased benefits to im-munity and the renewal of healthy cells.


Another healthy food which is highly useful for people to incorporate into their diet is the radish. The radish is something which can be used to remove waste and also toxins from the liver and stomach, making it a powerful tool for people who are experiencing issues in that regard. It would be best if you also were aware that they are also useful in preventing the growth of cancer, re-ducing fevers which have developed, and also providing the skin with much-needed hydration. Indeed, there are many different benefits which can all be cultivated from the consumption of a radish.

All in all, these are just a few of the different things which you can consider eating during the spring season. As the period in which many people resolve to change their ways and adopt a more healthy way of living, there are many different benefits to be gained from these foods. There’s no doubt that they are very good for you, and offer you all of the various health benefits you could need to have the energy to improve your fitness, health and mind. It is worth noting that these foods, impressive as they are, should be used within a balanced and healthy diet for best results.

8 Benefits Of Reading That You Should Know


Reading May Seem Like a Daunting Process For Beginners, But Once You Make a Habit, You Will Find Yourself More Relaxed And With New Perspectives About Reading. There Are a Significant Number Of Benefits Of Reading That Everyone Should Know About. Remember Reading a Book Or a Magazine Is Way Different From Scrolling Down Your Facebook Page. Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Make Reading a Habit.

Mental Stimulation

Reading Can Keep Your Brain Active To Prevent Losing Power. The Brain Also Requires To Exercise To Keep It Strong And Healthy. It Can Avoid Problems Of Ageing Like Alzheimer’s And Dementia. It Can Have Similar Effects To That Of Doing Puzzles And Playing Games.


Stress Reduction

When You Indulge Yourself In a Good Book That Gives You a Great Story To Transport You To Other Realms, You Can Get Distracted From The Tensions That Drain Away From Your Energy. You Can Engage Yourself In a Good Story To Relax For a While And Try To Live In The Present.


Every Time You Read Something, It Is An Information That Gets Fed To Your Brain. You Will Never Know When Any Information Can Come Handy. Books Let You Grab As Much Information As You Can. The More Knowledge You Gain, The Easier It Will Be For You To Tackle Problems And Make Better Decisions.

Vocabulary Expansion

The More You Read, The Better Words You Will Gain To Use In Your Vocabulary. Being Able To Speak Well Is a Quality That Can Help You In Your Career And Life. You Can Be More Confident In Making Speeches And Presentations When You Have The Right Words.


Memory Improvement

When It Gets Difficult To Complete a Book In One Night, You Develop a Habit Of Remembering The Characters And What Happened In The Past To Catch Up The Next Day. It Is a Practice That Builds Memory Power.

Analytical Thinking

When You Read Books, You Also Analyze The Characters In The Book, Their Backstory, Plot, And Every Small Detail. You Can Even Try To Determine The Ending Of The Book Before Finishing It. It Improves Your Analytical Skills And Helps You Use It In Other Tasks As Well.

Improves Focus

Reading Requires Your Eyes And Your Brain Focused On The Read. Today People Are Using Their Five Minutes To Perform Five Different Tasks, Which Can Cause The Stress Levels To Rise. Reading a Book Can Give You Time To Focus On a Single Thing For a Long Time Which Keeps Your Brain Calm And Healthy.


Better Writing Skills

When You Start Reading Books, You Also Develop Creative Imagination. It Can Help You Write Creative Articles Or a Book Of Your Own. With The Expansion Of Vocabulary, You Will Be Able To Create Better Content And Give You Ideas For Your Own Story.

Gray Ways


So I’m afraid that I’m turning boring. I can’t stop with the neutrals. Grays, whites, natural woods, greens (only if it’s in plant form). I’m only 34. This can’t be happening already. They say that as you get older you get more conservative in your ways. While this is not the case with say, my political viewpoints, I’m afraid that I am turning to the safer (read: bland) tones in the color palette. Note: this is not a knock of Scandinavian style design (I actually think that secretly I’ve always drifted that way), but I’ve become more apprehensive of including color when picking out home decor and clothing. I bought my 8th gray shirt the other day!!! Even Matt said: “Another gray shirt?” (What’s amazing is that he noticed it was a different gray shirt). You can’t slip anything by him.

But really…what is your preferred style? Do you love lots of color? Only a little? Or none at all? I feel like I need to get back to at least blue. I mean soon enough I’m going to be wearing one of my gray shirts, gray jeans, gray boots and I’ll have gray hair! This must stop!

Why Is Travelling Important In Life?


People First Started Travelling For Trades And Slowly Started Learning About The Difference In The Traditions And Cultures Of Different Places. Today It Is Much More Than Business Tours As People Usually Travel Only To Experience Different Cultures And Places. It Is a Great Remedy For Clearing Your Head. It Gives You Enough Time To Take a Break In Your Regular Life And Try Out Something New For a Few Days So That You Can Clear Your Head And Make The Decisions Which You Have Been Struggling To Make. Travelling Is Found To Be Beneficial For Health. Here Are The Benefits That One Should Learn About.

New Cuisines

Only Travelling Can Make You Discover New Traditional Cuisines Of Different Places Around The World. You Can Find Some New Flavours That You Had Never Tasted Before Or Even Heard About—Trying New Food While Travelling Go Hand In Hand With Each Other. Even When You Have Tried Something Chinese In a Restaurant In Your Local, You Are Still Missing The Authenticity Of The Dish, Which Can Only Be Found In The Streets Of China.


New Cultures

Culture Shock Is Common While Travelling, But It Also Teaches a Lot About The Different Cultures Around The World. Learning About The History, Traditions, Geography, And Family Values Of Other Cultures Will Provide a New Perspective To You. You Also Get Exposed To New People, And People Around You Will Be Curious To Learn About You. It Is a Humbling And Learning Experience Which Can Make You Become a Diverse Person.

Improves Health

Travelling Has Been Said To Be Beneficial For Our Health. The People Who Travel Lead a Healthier Life Than Those Who Have Not Travelled At All. It Includes a Physical Activity Which Improves Heart Health By Reducing Stress Levels. This Can Also Help Detoxify Your Body And Remove All The Negative Thoughts. It Will Make You Healthy Physically And Mentally, Leaving You Feeling Healthy And Rejuvenated.


Travelling Can Also Help In Teaching You a Lot Of Things Along The Way. It Is a Learning Experience Which Can Make You Responsible. Since You Have a Sense Of Independence, You Will Feel Like Making Better Choices For Yourself. The Challenges And Opportunities During The Journey Will Make You a Better Version Of Yourself. Travelling Can Also Help You Discover Your Try Identity And Help You Come Out To The World As a Fresh Person.


Brings Inner Peace

Our Busy Schedules Make Us Tensed And Often Lead To Depression. People Get Caught In The Hustle Of The Urban Life That They Forget To Take Care Of Themselves. Somewhere Down The Line, We Have Lost Our Inner Peace To Our Work And Busy Life. When You Learn About Different Cultures And Relax In The Lap Of Nature, You Feel a Lot Calmer And Spiritually Awakened. It Brings Inner Peace Which Expands Your Mind For Positivity And New Insights.

In Your 20s


You guys. I turn 29 on the 20th (also the first day of spring). I’m feeling okay about it, but I found did this quote and thought it was pretty fitting as I go into the last year of my 20s. Is there anything major I need to cross off my list before turning 30 a year and a few days from now?

Spring Forward Monday


How was your weekend? On Friday night we had drinks on the water and then cooked dinner at home. Sometimes I love early Friday nights. Saturday a girlfriend and I went to our favorite fancy toast spot before a long walk in Golden Gate Park, and then I enjoyed a rare free afternoon running errands and enjoying the weather before spending a night catching up on laundry and trashy TV while Ian had a guys’ night. Bliss. Sunday was spent packing for our trip (we leave for London on Friday!) before dinner in Sausalito with friends. What did you get up to?

A sad statistic.I loved seeing Joanna’s apartment tour.I can’t wait to see this movie.And this mockumentary looks pretty funny.Yay for Jenny Slate!One of the reasons why I love Wes Anderson.Must-read denim tips.I love that it’s brighter in the morning and light when I leave work now. But I’m exhausted. Here are tips to help with the time change.

Have An Amazing Weekend

amazing weekend

What are you guys up to this weekend? We had several bouts of the stomach flu in our house over the week, a couple at 3am, and here’s a question: Why do kids always seem to get sick in the middle of the night? Needless to say Matt and I are really dragging. I also feel like I’m swinging around blind and crazy, expecting that dang flu to be standing right behind me saying: “Tag. you’re it.” I’m sort of on pins and needles. Anyway, because of that, we’re laying low, except for celebrating my in-laws’ birthdays on Saturday. With the weather so warm, the kids can hopefully play in the pool and soak up plenty of sun to be well!

A few things:

A beautiful video about life in Iraq today. “You have to survive. You can’t just huddle in your house all day in fear.”

Breastfeeding on planes. Yes. Because who wants a screaming infant for the duration of the flight anyway?

My co-worker, Jenna, has an amazing blog and the sweetest little shop. Seriously go now and feast your eyes. You will not be disappointed.

Wes Anderson Luggage


It’s not a secret that I’m mildly obsessed with all things Wes Anderson. So when I found this Etsy shop I had to know more. It turns out, the shop’s owner, an Italian finance layer and Wes Anderson superfan, started the shop because he wanted the beautiful luggage from the films at more affordable prices. The shop’s name, Very Troubled Child, is the name of a fictional book featured in Moonrise Kingdom. Many of the larger items are sold out (bummer), but I love this print from The Royal Tenenbaums and these Life Aquatic iPhone cases.

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Health Foods You Should Consider For Your Diet

We are rapidly leaving the season of Summer behind, and moving into a more difficult time of year. It is no secret that the...

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Reading May Seem Like a Daunting Process For Beginners, But Once You Make a Habit, You Will Find Yourself More Relaxed And With New...

Gray Ways

So I'm afraid that I'm turning boring. I can't stop with the neutrals. Grays, whites, natural woods, greens (only if it's in plant form)....
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