Monday Morning


I’m typing this while sipping my first coffee of the week, prolonging walking the dog because it’s foggy and cold outside. I haven’t check in here in over a month and am unsure if anyone’s even reading, but since I actually felt like writing and sharing some images that make me smile, here we are.

What have I been up to this past few months? Work and weddings pretty much sums it up. We had weddings for two close friends in Aspen and San Diego and in between work has been nonstop, as in 12 hour days and weekend work nonstop.

We have been home without plans the past two weekends which has felt hugely indulgent. We’ve cooked a lot of meals at home, hardly ventured out of our neighborhood, and I have nearly completed a few projects that I’ve been meaning to tackle for ages, including a wedding album for our five year anniversary. Oh, and this past weekend I ran a half marathon. 

Here’s to hoping I can make more regular appearances here and everyone has a good start to their week.

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