Social Media Detox


To be honest, I roll my eyes when I read about someone doing a “digital detox” or “deleting Facebook” (especially when they continue to scroll through Instagram - as Facebook owns Instagram). I work in advertising, and lead a social and influencer team, so you could say scrolling through Instagram and Facebook is kind of my job. And I truly believe that social media has done so much good! 

That said, on Friday night I found myself home alone - with Ian out of town - happy as a clam to be without plans after a busy week. I did notice, however, that my hand wandered to my iPhone one too many times, and I would be clicking through Instagram Stories before I even knew what was happening. So, I decided to take a mini social media hiatus myself. I deleted Instagram (my biggest vice) from my phone Friday evening and made a little vow to not get the app back until Sunday evening. 

While it wasn’t hard, I did notice that it’s become muscle memory to go to the app. And while I did enjoy a little scrolling session when I got Instagram back, I think it’s made me more conscious of my habit not only when I’m alone but also when I’m with others. So I may now be a digital detox convert, if only for a few days!