Overhauling My Makeup Bag


I was in Park City for a bachelorette a few weekends ago, and one of the best parts was “getting ready” with my girlfriends like we were back in college. I was so fun to do our makeup and hair side by side again with a glass of wine - and see what products they're using. It left me wanting to refresh my makeup kit, and so I did just that.

Since moving to San Francisco, I typically end up ordering makeup online or getting desperate when I’m out of a product and grabbing something last minute (which usually doesn’t work out). Last weekend, I did some research and went to the actual mall to pick up some new basics: tinted moisturizer, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. I am happy with my bronzer and blush so I stuck with those! See below for my basics refresh.

Tinted Moisturizer
I used to wear this tinted moisturizer but somehow strayed out of convenience. I did some research, found out it’s still one of the top-rated tinted moisturizers on the market, and got color matched to find the right shade!

To be honest, I’m lazy when it comes to my makeup. I’m grateful to not have major dark under eye circles, and typically only have a few tiny spots to cover, so I love that this Bobbi Brown concealer works for my whole face.

Eye Shadow Palette
Urban Decay sells one Naked Palette every six seconds, so I’m not sure why it took me so long to get on board! Since I’m not super advanced when it comes to eye shadow application, I purchased the mini palette.

Eye Liner
I spent 10 minutes max on my makeup, so it’s either a red lip or a cat eye. This liner is super easy to apply and really does stay all day (as the name implies).


This mascara has a cult following and for good reason. It adds length and doesn’t flake.