The First Day of Spring


I turned 32 on Tuesday, the first day of Spring. 

While I don’t consider myself a “birthday person,” I’m always up for a reason to celebrate. We had an amazing dinner with friends Friday night at Mister Jui’s so I started the celebrations early, but come Tuesday I just wasn’t feeling it. Work was beyond busy, it was was raining, and I sort of went into a downward spiral before even leaving the house that day, thinking about expectations I set for myself based on my age and comparing myself to others. 

By the end of the day, I started beating myself up for another reason: not being more grateful. For the texts and calls from family and friends that day. For my best friend who sent me a book she knew I’d love. For my team at work who sent flowers and my favorite salad to the office. And for my husband, who forced me to leave work at 5:30 to get a manicure and had a Negroni and big bowl of cacio e pepe waiting for me at home. 

So now my birthday has come and gone but I’m hoping to carry the sense of gratefulness into my 32nd year.