18 in 2018


I don’t love the term resolutions because I feel that it has negative connotations, so this list is actually more about goals and intentions I’m setting for the year, as well as some habits I started in 2017 that I want to keep up. I’d love to know what your 2018 intentions are.

  1. Continue my meditation habit. It’s been so helpful to my overall wellbeing. I never thought I’d be that person, but here I am.
  2. On the same note, continue to see my therapist. I’ve seen someone off and on for the past few years and find it so beneficial.
  3. Buy a home. This is a big one because we live in San Francisco, but I’d love to have something of our own in the city that we love (not to mention start to build our equity).
  4. Mix up my workouts. I have a few classes that I love at Core40 and YogaWorks, and I run regularly, but I do fight boredom and feel better when I mix up my workouts.
  5. On a related note: run more races. This year I did two 10Ks and I want to run another half marathon on 2018. I find that having an upcoming race makes my runs less of a slog and there’s such a sense of community when running in a race.
  6. Host more! We love having people over, but sometimes I get caught up in our place being tiny or our couch being shabby. At the end of the day, everyone seems to have a good time so I need to get over it.
  7. Keep in mind that “comparison is the thief of joy.” This is so key for me.
  8. Send out Christmas cards in 2018. I really enjoy opening cards from friends and family, and typically send a Paperless Post New Year’s card, but I want to send a physical holiday card this year. 
  9. Wear sunscreen every. single. day. That means on my face, neck, and hands. 
  10. Pack my lunch! I am pretty good here, but it’s such an easy way to save money.
  11. Related to spending, take the bus and walk more. It’s too easy to hop in a Lyft but it’s an expensive habit.
  12. Continue to make everyday upgrades. I can’t tell you how much joy I get from a few simple upgrades made in 2017. From purchasing a nice looking marble jar for our dog’s treats to finally throwing away my favorite but past-its-prime bra. I often put off purchases like this in favor of “fun” ones but I do find that money spent on something I use daily is better than on a trendy top I’ll only wear a handful of times.
  13. Water!!! My husband is so good about staying hydrated that I joke that he was left stranded on an island without water before we met. Jokes aside, I need to be better about this and have found that tea helps (and counts!).
  14. Put my phone on airplane mode before bed. When I do this, and have had my coffee and meditated before checking emails, my day is so much better.
  15. Prioritize my health. I’m 31 and will be 32 in a few short months. I know I’m still young but I’m starting to realize how lucky I am that I have my health and want to stay healthy. That means regular dermatologist visits for skin cancer checks, keeping my dentist appointments even when I have a busy work week (+ regularly flossing), and slowing down when I feel a cold coming on.
  16. I speak to my parents almost daily, but I need to be better about checking in with everyone else in my family, from my aunt to my mother-in-law. 
  17. Volunteer more regularly. This one is partly selfish because of how goodie makes me feel! I’ve identified homelessness as a cause that really matters to me, and have been working with ECS now for a few years. I help with their biggest fundraiser of the year (and am actually co-chairing this year) but love volunteering at their 
  18. Another mantra for 2018: this to shall pass. I tend to get caught up in the moment and need to start thinking bigger picture. I will hopefully have a long life and long carer and need to have better perspective.