2017 Gift Guides: Stuff They’ll Actually Use


As much as I love gifting something frivolous that I know my friend or family member wouldn’t purchase for themselves, there’s also something to be said for gifting something someone on your list will use all. the. time. The trick is to make it a special version of the item they’ll reach for daily. I have to say - this one of my favorite guides to put together which makes me think maybe it’s time I elevated some of my everyday items. 

Clockwise from top left:

This Pendleton print is a classic and this umbrella is sure to brighten any rainy day. Definitely a step up from the black, boring drug store umbrella your brother purchased last rainstorm. ($29)

Soap. Something you use daily and likely purchase alongside groceries or during a Target run. Compagnie De Provence Liquid Marseille Soap is always in the powder rooms at my favorite restaurants. You can also find it in a glass bottle if you want to be extra fancy. ($23)

Okay so this one isn’t 100% useful, but it is the 1-2 times a year you drink champagne! Champagne Bottle Opener for the win. $25

Diptyque candles are pricey, so I’d love to gift this and know someone was enjoying it. I light candles daily and while they aren’t the most unique gift they are among the most appreciated! ($64)

I love the retro vibes of the Smeg Tea Kettle. It’s pretty enough to leave out. ($129)

Serving spoons can be fun, too. I purchased this Brass Serving Spoon from Berkely-based Totem, a shop that also sells the loveliest handmade ceramics, for my in-laws. (and discovered Totem at West Coast Craft) ($30 or $50 for a set)

The Every Charger Known to Man (but probably not then you need) Bag. Made me laugh, and so useful for corralling cords and ear buds. ($21)

My husband and I are a rare pair that enjoy grocery shopping, but I know this isn’t the case with most people. Make it more fun with the Baggu Standard Reusable Shopping Bag in Sailor Stripe. ($10)

Think about it: when you’re reaching for a multi tool it’s usually because you’re trying to fix something, right? Make it more fun for someone on your list with the Crab Multi Tool. ($20)