Hi Again!


Sorry for the radio silence around here. Between the new job, travel for the new job, and recent current events - between the Las Vegas massacre, the devastating fires in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Napa, and everything in between, I haven’t been feeling inspired to write in this space. A quiet weekend a home did the trick and I’m going into the week feeling rested and grateful for the good things, like this space. I thought I’d start the week with some recent reads and a Halloween-y photo.

I always love Raluca’s writing, but this post about how to maintain positivity despite everything going on lately really struck a chord.

What a cool art project, especially if you’re into architecture and are always peering into windows while walking around the city (like I am).

We’re steel reeling from the fires in Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa. This 360ยบ video shows workers from California, South Dakota, and Oregon putting out hot spots and surveying the devastation.

Has anyone seen The Florida Project? I really want to!

And a few things on my fall wish list, because what better way to procrastinate on a Monday morning am I right? 

This lace top would work for work + weekends.

Scotch & Soda is always a sure thing for me. I’d wear this dress with booties all year in San Francisco, and add tights for the winter.

The windowpane check trend is still in, and I’m loving it on this blazer.

And OBSESSED with this faux fur coat.