Two Whole Weeks


This Friday is my last day at my agency after three plus years. I'm starting at a new agency across town mid-September (more on that later), but before that I have TWO WEEKS OFF. I have never had more than a week between jobs, and that was one time, when we moved from San Diego to San Francisco, so it wasn't exactly a chill week. 

Instead of traveling, I'm staying put in San Francisco and cannot wait. I have a few things on my to-do list, like framing some art, taking a bunch of things to the tailor, and finally enrolling in some sort of password site so I can stop getting locked out of an app or site daily (seriously). There are also a few "San Francisco things" I'd love to finally do - like brunch at Plow, lunch at Swan Oyster Depot, and yoga at Grace Cathedral. I'm also planning on some serious relaxation, like watch movies all day, see a midday matinee, get a massage, relaxation. Do I sound excited?