The End of Summer


Can you feel it? Summer is almost over. Even though I’m no longer in school, and even though we actually get our most summery weather in San Francisco in September and October, Labor Day always signals the arrival of fall. 

This year it really feels like “back to school” time since I start my new job the week of September 11. That means I have over a week to really make the most of true summer (no job!). I’m off to a good start, with a full reading list below after catching up on some of my favorite corners of the Internet, and a trip to see friends in Napa this weekend.

I enjoyed reading about Christina’s Buddhist pilgrimage (and share a lot of the same takeaways after our trip to Japan.

I’ve been a fan of Raluca and What Would Gwyneth Do for years, and loved diving into her new site, aptly named What Would Raluca Do, this week.

I also caught up on another site I love, Atelier Doré, this week and particularly enjoyed reading founder Garance’s summer recap. 

And in case you missed it, Garance wrote a heartbreakingly beautiful essay on her struggle with infertility on Lenny Letter.

I just ordered The Bright Hour, A Memoir of Living and Dying by Nina Riggs and can’t wait to read it. Any other summer read suggestions during my time off?

I think I’m late to the part in re-discovering Jamie Beck’s blog, but her photos from her year in Provence are so dreamy (especially her self portraits).

Ummm did you hear the new iPhone may not have a home button? First no earphone jack and now this?

And lastly, a few fun Labor Day sale items currently on scattered online shopping carts:

I firmly believe that you CAN wear white after Labor Day, so all the more reason to scoop up this white dress from English Factory.

These Levi’s are an updated version of the classic 501 and I’m loving the patchwork detail.

Mules are a footwear trend that I hope is hear to stay. This Vince pair comes in black and tan.

I can’t get enough of white tees, and this ruffled one from The Great is so good.