Millennial Pink


Have you heard of Millennial Pink? This article about its popularity is fascinating, and proves why we’re all so enamored with the shade (myself included). I’ve noticed I’ve been gravitating towards the color both in what I’m wearing and wanting to put in our apartment so I gathered some of my favorite things in the popular shade - which was popularized by the famous hotel in Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel and the London restaurant Sketch (which I’m dying to visit), both pictured above.

When I ordered my first product from Glossier I loved the pink pouch it came in. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, because they now sell them separately!

I live and die by my notebook with my running to do lists. This blush-colored spiral-bound Delfonics notebook may become my next notebook.

It might be a tad too feminine for Ian’s taste, but I love this blush and spotted pillow from Lulu & Georgia.

We have carpet in our current apartment (sigh) but once we get a place with wood floors, I can’t wait to find a cozy rug like this one.

Did you know Madewell makes sunglasses? And they’re under $75? Me neither! These sunnies have a retro feel in a flattering shade.

My Madewell Valley Sweater Tank is one of my most-worn items in my closet. I have the gray but love this pink one, too.

They aren’t cheap, but Vince does make beautiful shoes. Case in point: these pale suede Taye City Sandals.

This RahiCali dress might have to be a late addition to my Bali suitcase. I love the embroidered flowers and subtle, same-colored stripes.


Jillian said...

so fun! i spend a lot of energy steering my two-year old away from everything pink...despite my best efforts she is princess obsessed (even without watching disney!) i love a little pink tho -- and she gets pretty excited when i wear the one pink striped shirt i own! :) xo jillian

Short & Sweet Blog said...

So sweet! I have to admit I went through a major phase when I was younger before deciding upon blue!

Lizelle said...

Love all the pink! And can you believe the Gallery at Sketch is really THAT pink?