Do Something for Your Future Self


It's been a challenging few weeks. Monday through Friday have felt like a real slog (it's a real word!), and I've found myself having a really hard time waking up and doing it all over again each Monday morning. I listen to Gretchen Rubin's Happier podcast and there was recently an episode where they talked about "doing something for your future self." Listening, I realized that I already do this in some ways. Before we travel, I try to make sure we change our sheets and take out the trash so we come home to a clean apartment. I make the coffee the night before and lay out my workout clothes, all to make things easier on myself. 

The podcast episode was based on this blog post from Wil Wheaton, which really resonated with me - particularly this line: "I have a really hard time doing things that are just for myself, because I feel like I don’t deserve it for one reason or another … but that me from the future? That guy hasn’t done anything to me, and I should do my best to do something kind for him, like eating good food, or getting enough sleep, or getting out and exercising even though I really don’t want to do it." This morning I want to skip my run for a million reasons, but I'll do it because of future Kirby and how it'll make her feel. The other night I wanted to just head home after work but I got a quick manicure as a gift to future Kirby since it'll make her feel more put together for a big meeting later this week. 

I'm curious, have you ever tried it?