The Thief of Joy


You know the saying "Comparison is the thief of joy"? Theodore Roosevelt said it, by the way, and I've found it to be completely true. 

When I'm feeling good about a work project I've completed, I'll inevitably read an article about someone who started their own company or who is doing something so beyond what I'm doing. 

When I clean our apartment and get fresh flowers and look around satisfied, I'll inevitably see an Instagram living room or visit friends in their new apartment and I'll come home and feel like I'm returning to a dorm room. 

When I manage to blow dry my hair and put together something to wear that I like, I'll inevitably see someone else at work who looks more put together or who has the boots or jacket I've been coveting. 

I've started to ask myself what it would be like if I didn't compare myself - because I always lose - and instead allowed myself to admire the other person's accomplishment or living room or jacket without diminishing myself and my self worth. I have a feeling it'll be easier said than done but worth the effort.



Barbara Meyers said...

I live in a nice condo building in Atlanta- my neighbor across the hall is a talented designer. After visiting her I walk across the hall to my place and feel like I live in a trailer. My place is just as cute just in a different style. That's all. I think we can all do the comparison game and lose!