Current Favorites


Popping in to share a few current favorites.

Design junkie // Ian and I started the new Netflix series Abstract this week and were instantly hooked. It offers a peek behind the curtain of the design world, from an illustrator to a shoe designer to a photographer, to reveal the hard work that goes into making something look simple. Watch the trailer here and read a review here.

Family dramady // I just started The Antiques by Kris D’Adostino and am really enjoying it so far. The Amazon reviews said it’s for fans of Emma Straub and I would agree. It’s an easy read that is smarter than typical so-called chick lit and captures a modern family dynamic really well.

Ready to party // Have you seen J. Crew’s new collection? It’s so good. I already have my eye on the gingham ball skirt pictured above, this eyelet dress and this off the shoulder one (both would be perfect for spring or summer weddings).

Self-soothing // I purchased these Klorane soothing eye patches last spring when I was doing a lot of 48-hour New York trips. They’ve quickly become a regular part of my routine whether I'm traveling or not. I put them on while blowdrying my hair or even walking the dog (with a big pair of sunglasses on) and swear they make me look more awake. Plus, they just feel really nice.


Jillian said...

adding The Antiques to my to read list! i love emma straub. xo jillian - cornflake dreams