Why I Marched


I was planning to write about why I participated in the Women's March but couldn't find the words this week. As I wrote down why I decided to march it occurred to me that my decision was more about the things I've never experienced than the things I have. 

I've never been denied the right to marry. 
I've never been denied healthcare coverage because of a pre-existing condition.
I've never identified as another gender and been told I can't be that gender.
I've never been pulled over because of my skin color. 
I've never been sexually assaulted.
I've never experienced a huge discrepancy in wages compared to my male colleagues.
I've never not had clean water to drink or clean air to breathe.
I've never worried I'd have to leave this country.
I've never been persecuted for my religion.
I've never felt like I didn't have a choice.

So I didn't march for myself and I didn't march against anything. I marched for the women who fought for the rights I have and for the equality of those not able to say "never" to the statements I wrote above. I marched for tolerance and for kindness for all.



Leslie said...

Beautiful! Thank you for marching for all of us.

Alexa said...

Perfectly stated Kirby! Glad we could go together.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for marching!

Jillian said...

love this and well said! i was so proud to participate with my husband and daughter. xo