What to Wear on a Rainy Day


The sun is shining right now, but it’s been raining a lot in San Francisco, so much so that I’ve had to actually dust off my Hunter boots and consider how to look pulled together for a day full of meetings when it’s pouring raining outside. I don’t own a true raincoat and that needs to change. I also like the idea of having a few options that can be worn when it's not raining but just foggy (aka San Francisco summer). See my picks for rainy day wear.
  1. You can't go wrong with a bright yellow raincoat like this one from Petit Bateau.
  2. I invested in a pair of classic Hunter rain bootsthis pair in green, and wear them when it’s really raining. 
  3. This pair of Chelsea rainboots from Sperry have sherpa-lining for added warmth and are definitely more casual/athletic but I can picture myself wearing them with black skinny jeans and a black sweater for a sleeker rainy day look. 
  4. The City Anorak from Everlane is high on my list because I think I’d get a lot of use out of it even when it’s not raining.
  5. Luxury Swedish brand Stutterheim recently partnered with Garance Doré for a limited edition rain coat. It’s pricey, but so gorgeous. 
  6. I have a pair of rain booties like these ones from Loeffler Randall and get so much use out of them. I find that when I wear my taller rain boots and it stops raining midday I’m kind of bummed to be still wearing cumbersome boots so these are ideal and look like normal booties if the rain stops when you’re at work.