Affordable Mid Century Modern


I don’t know if you’ve checked out Target’s home section lately, but they have so many ah-mazing home items, especially mid-century modern items. We’ve decided to save money and stay in our sweet little shoebox apartment for now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share my wish list from Target right? Especially when it’s so affordable. So take a look and buy something for your place so I can live vicariously through you, will you?
  1. This white rocking chair would work as a living room accent piece and then as a dining chair with a big group.
  2. This side table is so well priced that it’s almost two for the price of one. 
  3. This cheery yellow chair could actually work in our current living room so I might have to make the argument to Ian as to why we need a yellow chair in our lives!
  4. The navy blue velvet of this bench make it classic with a trendy twist. I’m starting to see the velvet trend carry over into home decor and I’m not sure how I feel about a velvet couch, but a bench I could do.
  5. This console table has so much storage and I love how some of it’s hidden for things like cords and chargers that you don’t want everyone to see, while the rest is perfect for displaying coffee table books or favorite objects.
  6. This white dining table has become ubiquitous in blogger home tours, but I do still love it. I’d actually rather use it as a spacious desk in the home office I don’t have (ha!). 
  7. Speaking of dining chairs, this set of stacking chairs are my favorites.

This post is not sponsored by Target.

Top Image (not from Target)


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Great finds! Target is killing it!

Kirby said...

And it's all SO GOOD in person!

Barbara Meyers said...

I am looking forward to the Victoria Beckham product coming to Target in April!