Winter Recipes


I don't know about you, but one way I really get into the new season, whatever season it is, is by cooking things that feel really of the season. We were recently gifted a copy of Julia Turshen's Small Victories and have been working our way through it, starting with the apricot brisket (we made it Sunday night and it was delicious - but you'll have to buy the book because I can't find the recipe online). Here are a few other winter recipes that I have bookmarked for the coming months. 

I've never attempted donuts, so this is going to be the year, starting with Ina Garten's cinnamon donut recipe.

This Burmese spot near us has the best lamb curry, but I want to attempt it myself using this recipe.

Dinner: A Love Story is one of my favorite food blogs and I want to make this recipe for shepherd's pie this winter.

We make pizza at home every few weeks. It's so easy and feels healthier than ordering takeout. I can't wait to make this apple and goat cheese flatbread this winter.

I had girlfriends over last week and made Ina Garten's easy parmesan risotto. You. Guys. It's so comforting and easy (you pop it into the oven and don't have to stir for 30 minutes straight) and you can substitute peas for butternut squash or really any vegetable you like.

We eat meatless on Mondays (and typically more than that). I want to make this recipe for jacket potatoes one cold Monday night with a big green salad.


Jillian said...

i could totally go for that apple and goat cheese flatbread! yum

xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Kirby said...

I know, looks so good!