Giving Back


Before we all stuff ourselves with stuffing and pie (and start holiday shopping), it's the time of year to be thankful and give back. I think we can all agree that coming together as a country and supporting the causes you care about to make sure they continue to serve the people who need them is more important than ever. See below for a round up of causes either close to me personally or that I've researched. I'd love to hear about the causes you support in the comments so I can add to this list. 

I used Planned Parenthood's many services in my twenties when I didn't have employer health insurance, so it's an organization I proudly support. Donate to Planner Parenthood here or volunteer at your local clinic by learning more here.

A San Francisco organization that I'm involved with is ECS, which helps over 6,800 homeless and low-income people each year through providing housing, jobs, shelter, and essential services. Learn about how to donate here and volunteer here.

The Natural Resources Defense Council fights for natural resources, from climate change to endangered species. Donate here to help protect the air, land, and water from pollution (and often corporations).

Hello Vuello uses crowdfunding and airline miles donations to purchase flights to reunite low income families, many of whom often go years without seeing each other because of finances and restrictive immigration policies. Find out how to fund a traveler here.

Help pay for a girl to learn science or math by donating $66 to 

Help teachers learn how to prevent school shootings by donating $10 to 

Socks are the most-requested items at shelters. Bombas donates every pair of socks donated to a shelter.

Suicide risk is especially high among LGBT youth; donate $25 ti to pay for one crisis intervention. 

Lastly, I'm thankful for my tiny little corner of the Internet and for you for reading.