Weekend Reading


As I've mentioned, I've been traveling nonstop for work, so this week was the first time I've been in town for the whole week for a few months. I thought it would feel nice and relaxing, but I found that it dragged on and on while still managing to be stressful. It didn't help that I didn't leave work until almost 8 every night. Ian had a long week too, so last night we celebrated with an early dinner at Liholiho Yacht Club. I couldn't be happier that it's Saturday morning and I'm currently doing a face mask without a whole lot on the agenda except for sharing some links with you! Have a good weekend.

We're seeing The Girl on the Train tonight and I can't wait.

Arch Digest revealed Gray Malin's bedroom makeover and it is perfection.

This made me laugh. Follow Mari Andrew for more.

Thanks to this Goop article I have my eye on a leopard coat this fall. The Stella McCartney version is way above my budget, so I'm on the hunt (see what I did there?) for a faux version with a lower price tag.

Have you ever been guilty of this email faux pas?

And in case you missed it:

A surprising place I've been finding affordable home items.

Lombard Street, San Francisco photo via