Weekend Reading


It's scary that it's already October 1 (see what I did there?), but I do love the fall. Today it's sunny with a little bit of chill in the air. I caught up on errands all morning and feel like a human again after a good night's sleep, and am ready to head to the beach to see friends before our belated anniversary dinner tonight at Petit Crenn. In case you're in the reading mood, here are some links for the weekend. 

I finally made it to Jack's Wife Freda over the summer, so I loved this read on one of the owner's beauty routine, from my favorite series on Cup of Jo.

We celebrated our third wedding anniversary this week, so we took a trip down memory lane through some wedding photos.

A good read on how Refinery29 became such a success.

Do you take beauty supplements? This article on Goop has me considering it.

And in case you missed it:

We finally bought a fig leaf fiddle tree.