Two New Shows


I know all everyone's talking about is Westworld and Narcos, but when talking about these often intense shows we're all watching, my friends and I often mention the shows we watch afterward. You know, the ones that aren't political or sic fi and leave you in a more relaxed mood before bed? Lately the two we've been watching are Netflix's Easy - we're about halfway through - and HBO's Divorce - which just started.

Directed by Joe Swanberg and set in Chicago, Easy is like a short story, with each 30-minute episode focusing on a different couple. The show touches on friendship, sex, and relationships and uses that narrative convention where there aren't recurring characters exactly but the the characters are connected in some way. While there are plenty of critiques online, I'm enjoying it. It's simple in its shooting style, leaving the complexity to the topics it brings up in each story. 

As far as Divorce, I'll admit that I just really missed having Sarah Jessica Parker in my life. I turned it on the other night after working late, when Ian was out working even later, and it was the perfect end to my day. SJP's character, Frances, is nothing like Carrie but there's something comforting about watching her. Spoiler alert: the show is about a couple getting a divorce. I'll report back after episode two but so far so good.

I'm curious, have you seen either show? Are you able to drift off to sleep after watching a tense TV show or do you need a buffer with something light?


Jillian said...

I watched the first episode of Divorce and I really liked it! I'll have to check out Easy too. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Kirby Todd said...

So good right Jillian?! And her clothes on the show are so good already.