Our Very Own Fig Leaf Fiddle Tree


I've been noticing a trend about the living spaces I've been pinning: many of them have fig leaf fiddle tress in them. The plant, notoriously difficult to care for, has been popping up everywhere. We finally bought one this weekend and I'm so pleased with what it adds to the "office corner" of our living room.

We've been looking at apartments recently, so we don't want to purchase any furniture or make any big changes in case we do move sooner than later, but picking up our very own fig leaf fiddle tree was the perfect apartment refresh. Right now it's just three feet tall, and with the pot was less than $150, but you can buy them full grown for around $300. 

Read more about fig leaf fiddle tress here.


Leslie said...

Such a great addition! I love how it looks!

Lara Schulte said...

I received one as a gift a year ago! It was about 5 feet tall. I give it about 60 oz of filtered water twice a week and do I dare admit (talk to it!) and it now reaches our 12 ft ceiling. It is my favorite!!!!