Weekend Reading


The first full week back at work after vacation is always a struggle. Between jet lag and diving back into work, including early meetings ever.single.day this week, it felt like a slog to make it to Friday and I'm excited to have a relaxing weekend. We satisfied our sushi craving last night and are heading to Scribe in Sonoma tomorrow, but otherwise we don't have any plans. See below for some links and I'll see you back here next week - with some Italy photos!

This baby's parents dress her up while she's sleeping, and the result is obviously adorable (and hilarious).

My heart breaks for the victims of the earthquakes in Italy earlier this week.

I loved this article on how one photographer is capturing the beautiful country's independent shops.

I just discovered the Snug app on Cupcakes and Cashmere and am loving it (along with their Our World series).

Ever since my September Vogue issue arrived in the mail I've had fall fashion on my mind. This blue velvet LPA top is to die and feels very fall.

I also foresee a lot of burgundy additions to my closet after seeing Meg's post on the shade.

And in case you missed it:

Mindful exercise.

Which iPhone case should I get?