Mindful Exercise


I work out most days. And while it's mainly relieve stress and anxiety, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't also partly to continue to fit into the skinny jeans I wore in high school. I typically work out while on vacation as well. When I travel for work I feel lucky to be able to run in Central Park or even use a hotel gym (since I do classes and run outdoors in San Francisco but don't belong to a typical gym), so it almost feels like a treat. But checking a workout off my list is usually on my mind. On our recent vacation in Italy, however, I was really laid back about working out and came home feeling just fine. Sure, we walked a lot in Florence and I swam laps a few days in the pool, but I found the laid back Italian mindset and it's actually stayed with me now that we're back in San Francisco. I went for a few runs this week mainly because I was eager to listen to a new podcast and signed up for spin once an evening meeting was cancelled. I'm hoping to continue with this more laid back view of working out.