Weekend Reading


Guys, it's been a long week. I flew to New York for a work trip Monday morning, arrived home Tuesday night, and have been nonstop all week. Last night we ordered in (a rarity for us) and collapsed on the couch with a movie. It was heaven. We're going to dinner at Al's Place tonight (so excited) and brunch with friends tomorrow, but otherwise I'm just planning to be low key and get some errands done. See below for some links from around the web this week. 

I spotted my dream house over on Garance Doré

We leave for Italy in less than two weeks (!!!), so I've been picking up a few things for the trip. I can't wait to wear these slides and this dress, both new additions to my closet.

Speaking of Italy, after seeing Danielle's guide I really want to go on a hot air balloon in Tuscany!

I bookmarked this list of summer movies on Goop.

This made me laugh.

And so did this, but it also made me really sad at how many are true. 

I eat a poke bowl for lunch at least once a week, but haven't attempted to make one at home. I'm vowing to try this recipe from Camille Styles soon.

Instagram created a tool to help stop online harassment. Bravo.

PS How chic does the girl in the photo look?