Travel List: Formentera


What better way to start the week than with some wanderlust? This time, I'm dreaming of a trip to Formentera, a Spanish island located next door to Ibiza and Mallorca. It's hard to get to from the States (you have to fly to Ibiza from a major city in Europe and then take a ferry to Formentera), but that honestly only adds to its appeal. I'd stay at this boutique hotel, get sunset drinks here, and pick up souvenirs here when not sunbathing. 

Le sigh. I'm writing this from the plane on my way to New York for a 36-hour work trip. Maybe I can re-route my flight home and end up in Formentera?

Read more about Formentera here and here



Ashley Rizzardo said...

An island trip sounds like the kind of vacation I need right now. This is beautiful!

Ashley | Sunday Brunch

Kirby Todd said...

Right? Same here Ashley!