Slow Down


Those who know me well know that I have a hard time not planning things. Whether it's our next trip or our weekend, I'm always making reservations or researching things to do. This past weekend though, Ian was out of town so I had the apartment and weekend to myself and I forced myself to just chill. And it was heaven. 

With the exception of birthday drinks for a friend Friday and an appointment morning (TSA pre-check!), I made zero plans and let myself do exactly what I felt like. Instead of working out first thing Saturday, I waited until the afternoon and ran the infamous Lyon Street steps. I came home and cooked myself dinner and watched a movie - without multitasking. And on Sunday I did a Pilates class and then didn't. leave. the. house. 

I've been go. go. go. for years so it was really a reminder to slow down sometimes.



Sarah Hall said...

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