Have you heard of Beautycounter? I first saw it on Goop and J. Crew and was initially drawn in by the packaging alone, but then started seeing it pop up in my Instagram feed through my friend Natalie, who is a consultant for the brand, and wanted to know more. She sent me a few of her favorite products and I tried them for the week while doing some more research into the brand. They list all of their ingredients on their site and are serious about passing laws to regulate the safety of personal care products. 

What I tried:

Rejuvenating Eye Cream: I'm kicking myself for starting to use eye cream sooner, but now I'm fully on board and notice a major difference if I don't use it. Made with algae and caffeine, this soothing eye cream reduces puffiness and minimizes dark circles while also fighting fine lines. Need I say more?

Cleansing Balm: I've used the same face wash for years, but people rave about this cleansing balm so I was excited to give it a try. It removes makeup without stripping moisture and includes vitamin C to brighten skin and raspberry and cranberry seed oils to hydrate. It's pricey, but can be used as a face mask and comes with a 100% muslin cloth to use as a wash cloth. I used a sample on a recent trip but but may need to upgrade to full sized.

Rejuvenating Night Cream: Until recently I never moisturized before bed. I applied this after my retinol for a week and noticed that my skin felt smoother and firmer yet still hydrated in the morning. 

Next on my list: 

Protect Lip Balm: Do you ever notice that a lot of moisturizing lip balms don't have SPF? This one does and the bright yellow top will make it easy to fish out of my makeup bag.

Nourishing Rosewater Mist: I'd read about rosewater for years and thought it was hype, but am fully on board after trying a friend's a few months ago. The spray is made of organic rose essence, purified water, and moisturizing sodium hyaluronate and can be used for a quick pick-me-up or to set makeup.