Almost There


To be completely honest, I'm having kind of a "blah" week. Maybe it's because we had a really great weekend last weekend or maybe because our trip to Italy is exactly one month away and I'm getting antsy. Either way, I was snapped out of my rut with the recent attack in Nice. Ending the week on a heartbroken note and sending hugs your way. See below for some links and I'll see you back here next week.

I recently discovered Pantry Confidential, which is like The Coveteur is for closets but for pantries. Fascinating! 

Not only does Ina Garten have a new book out, but she's also filming new shows!

Are you exfoliating correctly? (I'm not)

These solo honeymoon shots made me laugh. 

I have not (and will not) jump into the Pokémon Go phenomenon, but this article about how it's helping people fall in love with their cities again was interesting.

And this article on not looking at your phone first thing in the morning is making me want to get an old fashioned alarm clock.

I loved the latest installation of A Cup of Jo's parenting around the world series about being a mom in Iceland.

I cannot stop buying off the shoulder tops and dresses. This one might be coming with me to Italy.

I stumbled upon Net-a-Porter's beauty section the other day and currently have too much in my shopping cart. Like 'Hair in the Sun,' this green powder, and this eye mask.