The Art of the Quick Work Trip


If you've been following along on Instagram or Snapchat (@kirbybrookstodd), you'll know that I've been taking a lot of quick trips for work lately. Two weeks ago it was Seattle, last week it was Chicago, and this week it was New York. It's exhausting and stressful, but it's also what you make it. Here are a few things I do to make 48 hour trips worth it. 

Pack running shoes 
Whether it's lazily watching morning talk shows while on the elliptical at the hotel gym or lacing up to go for a run to check out a local attraction (like Olympic Park in Chicago) squeezing in a work out on a short trip helps me re-calibrate. 

There's a reason why you skin feels dry after a flight. I always board my flight with a massive water and try to only drink water in-flight (unless it's a Friday night flight like last week, in which case I have some wine!). Sure, it means more bathroom trips but it's better to arrive feeling hydrated. A think lotion or a face mist helps, too.

Eat like a local
I always do a bit of food & drink research before a trip. The reality is, I know I'm going to be having a Kind bar for breakfast and trying to find a decent salad for lunch at the airport, so it's nice to look forward to a meal or two while traveling. Eater and Refinery29 are my go-to sites to see where I should be eating or drinking. When possible I try to meet up with friends or family if I have any in that city, which is always such a treat.

Relax a little
It's tempting to try to see the tourist spots if you've never been to the city before. I've found that sometimes it's worth it to instead put on the comfy hotel robe and watch Bravo or even find a place to get a quick manicure. Short work trips typically mean hours and hours of meetings so racing to check a box on your must-see list isn't always worth it. 

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