A Case for (No) Weekday Wine


As you might have guessed from recent posts, work has been a little nuts lately. As in 12+ hour days. It's weeks like this when it's hard to take care of myself. Instead of taking my vitamins and refilling my water, I answer another email. Instead of going for a run, I get to work early. You get the picture. One day it occurred to me that I'm not doing anyone any favors by getting run-down and potentially sick. So I've made sure to make small changes like requesting a healthier (read: not pizza) option when we order dinner at the office, squeezing in a short run before work at the very least, and not drinking during the week. 

Often I get home late and can barely manage keep my eyes open for a 30-minute episode of Veep. So while a glass of wine often sounds nice, it's just not really necessary. Sure, if I have dinner planned with friends I'll have a glass of wine or I come home to Ian making tacos I won't say no to a margarita, but otherwise I've been pretty much going cold turkey during the week. So far I feel like my skin looks brighter, I'm sleeping better, and I don't really miss it. What about you? Do you have a nightly glass of wine? 



natasha {schue love} said...

Trying really hard not to have wine during the week--but then I found I go a little nuts on the weekend! Oops! Making a conscious effort to cut back in general!

Kirby said...

That definitely is the struggle! No wine during the week doesn't mean double wine on the weekend!

Leslie said...

My husband and I cut back a lot when I was pregnant, and now that we have our baby is here, we still don't imbibe too often (and when we do it is always just a glass...or two if it is really a crazy night). I didn't really notice a difference thanks to being tired from pregnancy and the newborn haze, but my husband really raved about how great he felt. So I think there is something to it!

Kirby Todd said...

Agreed Leslie! It makes it more of a treat :)