Reading List


I'm a big reader, but often forget to share what I'm reading here since I breeze through a book every week or so (the only way I can get my brain to slow down enough to fall asleep at night is by reading). See below for what I'm reading, what's next on my list, and what books I'd like to add to our coffee table collection. What are you reading? I'd love to know.

For the coffee table:

I love all Assouline books and we have In the Spirit of Capri on our coffee table, but now that we live in the Bay Area I'd love to pick up In the Spirit of Napa, too. I love the website The Coveteur so I'll definitely be picking up the coffee table book, which offers insider looks at the homes and closets of fashion celebrities, from stylists to designers. 

For the bedside table: 

The memoir Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget is next on my reading list and I'm currently halfway through The Nest, a novel about four adult siblings who all want to get their hands on their shared inheritance. I'm really enjoying The Nest and typically like to trade off between light and more serious reads so I'll let you know how I liked Blackout once I'm done.


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