Mother's Day Gift Guide


I can't wait for my mom to open her gift on May 8 but can't reveal what it is in case she's reading! Since Mother's Day is just a few weeks away, here are a few other things that caught my eye in case you're looking. 

1. This gingham one-piece from J. Crew is classic and chic, like she is.
2. Because all she really wants is a heartfelt card anyway.
3. Gwenyth Paltrow's new book, It's All Easy, because she's a Gwenyth fan just like you are. 
4. A Gray Malin iPhone case to help her transition her tech for summer.
5. Ginger Jar Napkin Set for her next cocktail party, that matches her blue and white kitchen.
6. A new pretty water bottle for the new Pilates class she's been telling you about. 
7. A fun tote for the pool that she'd never buy for herself.