Le Petit Mec


One thing that surprised me about the food scene in Japan is how much they love French pastries. If you think about it, it makes sense, since both Japanese and French cuisines share serious attention to detail. Breakfast isn't really a thing in Japan; many restaurants didn't open until noon and a few days found ourselves overly-caffeinated and starving by lunchtime. One such day was our first day in Kyoto. We took an early bullet train out of Tokyo and arrived in Kyoto late morning, starving. I'd read about Le Petit Mec and it was my mission to find it. We got lost more than a few times but finally found the little French gem, picked out three pastries a piece (don't judge - this was breakfast and lunch), and settled in on the patio with cappuccinos. They brought us blankets since it was still too early for the sun to be out. We agreed that these were the best pastries we've had, including on trips to Paris.