Up Up & Away


We leave for Tokyo tomorrow! Follow along on Instagram, if you, like. I'm also on Snapchat now with the rest of the cool kids (@kirbybrookstodd). I love traveling, but with two busy jobs and a dog, getting away isn't always easy. There's the dog sitter to book, the bags to pack, the project coverage at work, and so many other things on my list. 

Before a trip, I always do as much as I can to make the transition back to "regular" life as smooth as possible. It takes some planning but I swear it's worth it.

Clean sheets: I always change our sheets and towels before we leave so when we return home we can slip into clean sheets and have a little less laundry to worry about. 

Frozen dinner: There's nothing worse than traveling all day and returning to an empty fridge. I find that after traveling the last thing I want to do is go pick up something for dinner, so we usually try to stock our freezer with something easy and quasi-healthy. We'll return to Japan to a whole wheat frozen vegetable pizza. It's no kale salad but it's easy and isn't takeout either. 

Beating post-trip blues: I try to schedule something fun for the week we get back from a trip, whether it's drinks with friends or a mid-week movie. It makes getting back to the grind a little more fun. 

Beating post-trip bloat: I already have a hard Pilates class booked for the day after we return home to help cancel out vacation sins.



Jillian said...

have the best time!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Kirby said...

It was a dream Jillian! xx