2016 Reset


2016 hasn't been the easiest year, to be completely honest. I think packed three months worth of work into two, and I'm feeling pretty burnt out. Things are looking up though, after making a few small tweaks over the past two weeks and planning a day off this Friday.  

 Time & Money
After never paying for our laundry to be done or apartment to be cleaned for years, we finally broke down this month and used Washio for laundry and found a cleaner through friends. I used to spend Saturday mornings cleaning or collapse into the couch at 10pm after doing two loads of laundry after work, and finally realized enough is enough. We can cut back in other ways financially but time is a rare commodity. 

Asking for Help
This one is huge for me. I've realized that saying yes to another work project when I'm already at capacity or telling Ian I'll run an errand when I know I won't have time isn't great. I wind up feeling like I let someone down, and it feels like it's avoidable if I just ask for help once in awhile.

Scheduling Downtime
In case you haven't caught on, I'm pretty Type A. I schedule work outs, book reservations for dinner with Ian or friends, and am quick to put work meetings on the books. What I hadn't been scheduling - as in writing it down and booking it on my phone's calendar - is downtime. I've started adding in things like manicures and leaving work at 5 one night a week which really helps. 

So with that (and a few zen images), I'd love to hear any of your tricks for staying sane.