Winter Doldrums


More this year than usual, the season is getting to me. I know we don't have it nearly as bad in San Francisco as other parts of the country, but my usual trick of bundling up and going for a run or brightening my look (and outlook) with a coat of red lipstick hasn't been doing the trick. 

Here are some other links and tips I've found for beating the winter blues:

Planning a trip. It won't be warm in Japan when we're there, but planning our trip always perks me up when I'm feeling generally "blah."

Tackle something you've been meaning to. Over the weekend, I baked my first (cheese) soufflé and we started mapping out the gallery wall we've been talking about since we moved into our apartment.

Man Repeller on how to wake up early in the winter.

Work out first thing. On weekends, I'm often tempted to nurse my coffee in the morning and put off my workout til the afternoon, but I'm realizing that while the physical benefits of running or taking a pilates class are pretty much the same all day, the mental benefits of getting it done are huge. My whole attitude changes.

Joanna has written about this a lot, I love her idea of learning something new and there were some really great suggestions in the comments on this post.



Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

I absolutely love the idea of learning something new to cure a case of the winter blues.

Molly {Dreams in HD}