Mid-Week Pick Me Up


We made it to Wednesday. And what better way to celebrate than some links to ease you into your day? You're welcome.

With all of our trips coming up this year, I'm bookmarking this list of travel essentials on The Stripe

I also bookmarked this list of how to care for a leather bag since I carry my leather totes all around the city.

And along the same lines another one to bookmark, how to clean your makeup brushes.

What a genius idea for a bridge

Such an interesting read on the Young House Love couple post-blog

And a lovely read on the one and only Jane Birkin.

Have any of you ordered from Glossier? Thinking of picking up a few cult faves this week.

In case you saw this Instagram, here's the salad recipe we made Sunday night.



Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

Book marked the Young House Love article to read today at lunch. Would love a product review if you buy anything from Glossier - I am very intrigued by the brand!

Molly {Dreams in HD}