Merry and Bright


Only seven more sleeps until Christmas! Are you ready? I like to pretend that I'm done with everything, and remind myself of that daily. Not that it matters. Christmas will come, the kids will be out of their minds excited and likely high on sugar for the few days following. It's a crazy time, but it's pretty sweet to see their excited faces on Christmas morning. This weekend we are taking the train to Burbank to celebrate my Grandpa's 95th birthday, and I plan to relish in some much needed family time. And of course to drink wine and hand the kids off for a while. Because really, what's a better holiday wish for a mom than a few hours away from your insane (but nevertheless adorable) children? ;)

This little Afghan Hound would make an adorable gift.

Chocolate pudding cake. I mean, tis the season, right?

Have you seen the Instagram Husband? Matt thinks he's in the club.

LOL. PS Are you going to see the new Star Wars? I can't wait!

The Hubble Advent calendar is stunning.

In the midst of everything this season, lest we forget how lucky we are.