The Week End


...and it's the weekend. Despite being a full week it seemed to sort of drag because I have weekend plans I'm excited about. We're celebrating a friend's birthday tonight at one of our favorite San Francisco pizza spots, Regazza, meeting up with friends for brunch in Sonoma at The Fremont Diner, and then Sunday morning I leave bright and early to see family in Palm Desert.

What are your weekend plans? Are you taking off early for any Thanksgiving plans?

Here's some light reading to ease you into your weekend.

You likely saw the peace sign sketch making its way across social media after Friday's tragedy in Paris. Here's some background about the drawing.

The word of the year is ... an emoji?!

The holiday travel coming up, I bookmarked this list of how to pack your toiletries.

Speaking of travel, here's a fun work project I've been working on. Feel free to follow if you're so inclined.

Why TGIF kind of sucks. I so agree with this!

This breakfast bread pudding looks amazing.



Stephanie said...

Love Fremont Diner! Have fun this weekend :)