Hello, November


I am a broken record, but I can't believe it's November. October completely flew by and I have a feeling November is going to be the same way. 

I'm heading to New York for the week to speak on a panel at Ad:Tech, this weekend we're making a day trip to Scribe, next we're heading to see family in Boonville, and then I'm taking a few days off to spend the week of Thanksgiving in Palm Springs, where my parents just moved. Send any New York or Palm Springs recommendations by way please!

Did you dress up for Halloween? We snagged a reservation at State Bird Provisions, one of the best restaurants in San Francisco, so we went with friends and pulled together some last-minute costumes.

I already have holiday parties on my mind, and this little Reformation number is at the top of my list. It'll feel festive but isn't too holiday-y to wear throughout the year.

I realized that I've been adding a lot of photos with fiddle leaf fig trees in them to my Living Space Pinterest board, which means it may be time to add one to our apartment. 

Healthy pumpkin banana bread? Yes please!

I'm thinking of getting a flu shot this year after being completely wiped out with bronchitis last month. I also bookmarked this article on how to get more Vitamin C.

Apparently being an over-thinker can be a good thing!



Leslie said...

I am so excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas. It sounds like you have a busy but fun month ahead!