On Positive Thinking


October, my friends, has been off to a bumpy start. I got bronchitis in the midst of a busy few weeks at work early in the month. Then, once I finally started to feel better, I tripped on some uneven pavement while on a run and really beat myself up. As in skinned my arm, hand, and half of my body. Luckily I didn't fall on my face or knock out any teeth, but it was a reminder that I need to slow down.

It was also a reminder that I need to get back to my more positive self. I was feeling really down and like getting through the next few months of work and travel was impossible, but after a few days off for a wedding in San Miguel (see some photos here), I'm already feeling more positive and like nothing's actually impossible.



Jillian said...

feel better lady! xo jillian - cornflake dreams