Just Treats.


Ah Halloween, just a couple days away. Mila is fretting over whether she should be Elsa (how is Frozen still a thing??) or a ballerina. I think she's settled on Elsa for school and ballerina for the evening festivities (apparently it's tough with so many outfit choices). Phoenix is being Elmo, which has practically blown his mind. He's completely transfixed in the costume, like he just cannot believe he is ACTUALLY ELMO. 

I'm looking forward to taking them trick-or-treating on Saturday, then subsequently raiding their stash of loot after they are asleep. What else are parents good for than hoarding their kids' candy and telling them that their teeth are going to rot out if they eat all of it. "Look at me kids, I JUST LOST MY FRONT TOOTH. IT COMPLETELY FELL OUT! See there is no hope for me. Now hand me all of your snickers bars and we can at least save your teeth."

What are you guys up to for Halloween? If you're looking for someplace creepy, how about Triora, Italy? (Matt and I went there on Halloween many years ago). Real deal.

Also, it's my Dad's birthday on Halloween, and yes he also used to steal my candy, but now he brings me bottles of wine when he comes to visit, so he's absolved of any wrong-doing. Besides, wine is good for you right? Right???