Five Things For Fall


Ah fall. My favorite season. In San Diego we call it "post summer." Or maybe that's just me. But really we have summer, then post summer (fall), the farthest you'll get from summer, but not really (winter) and pre-summer (spring).

I vaguely remember writing a very similar post last year around this time, when it was in the high eighties and all I wanted was a spicy tea, boots and fall leaves, so I'm not going to bore you with my completely un-warranted complaints of nice weather. I get it. It's totally annoying.

But I am going to give you a few things that will put the "fall" back into your step. See what I did there?

1. First thing in the morning: This tea with a squeeze of honey. It's got your fall flavor, without the few hundred calories. Take that Pumpkin Spice Latte!
2. Light this candle and fully embrace the season in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, dog house. Wherever.
3. Bake these cookies. Do not ask questions. Just do this. This one is very important, because the cookies are SO good you will not believe that you lived without them previously.
4. Get a pair of these. Wear them in your house, outside your house, in your bed. They are just that comfortable.
5. Borrow a couple of kids (or take your own, or mine) and go on a fall adventure walk. We come back with a bucket full of pinecones, leaves and berries, and now my yard is filled with them, but hey, it's fall. It doesn't come often to San Diego, so we're taking all we can get. ;)

What do you like to do during fall? I'd love to hear!


Ashley Rizzardo said...

I will be taking the cookie command very seriously. I only need to get my hands on some nutmeg and I am ready to go!

Ashley | Sunday Brunch