Favorite Candles


I light a candle most nights, but even more so in the fall when it starts to get dark earlier. I used to only only light candles when we had friends over or for special occasions, but a few years ago I said to hell with that and started lighting them whenever I felt like it, whether it was a pricey candle or not. Here are a few of my favorites.

Jonathan Adler Bourbon Candle / Jonathan Adler makes some of my favorite candles. I just gifted this one to a girlfriend (who loves bourbon) for her 30th.

Jonathan Adler Big Sur Candle / This one smells like men's cologne, which I love.

diptyque 'Mimosa' Candle / I love diptyque's simple look and this candle smells so good.

Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis Candle / Jo Malone reminds me of my sister-in-law. Love this scent.

Capri Blue Candle from Anthropologie / This smell is so nostalgic for me. I think I bought my first one in high school!

R. Nichols Coast Candle / I bought this one for my mom when we moved to San Francisco (it has a painting of the Golden Gate Bridge on the glass, and have since picked up a few R. Nichols candles as gifts. I get mine at Hudson Grace in Pacific Heights.

I also love large matchbooks. We just picked up this London one for our apartment, but I like gifting them with candles because it's the kind of thing people don't typically buy for themselves.



Ashley Rizzardo said...

I have developed quite the collection of candles for fall/winter. Pumpkin/vanilla/cranberry everything is stocked and ready to be burned!

Ashley | Sunday Brunch

Melissa Blake said...

ooooh, those look awesome!!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

ohh these all sound/smell amazing! i am so into all things pumpkin smelling - this one is mouth watering ;)


Deidre said...

There is a store where I wait for the tram every day after work and oh my it has the most delicious smelling vanilla candle. It is just divine and it wafts out of the store front. I went in one day to check the price because oh lord, it smells so good and the candle was so expensive that I had to just walk straight back out again!

But now I dream of it.

susan said...

I love my candles and you are right----don't wait to enjoy them with friends--- light them every night!