San Francisco Restaurants: Dinner Edition


A few weeks ago, I shared our favorite breakfast and brunch spots in San Francisco. Now I'm back with a handful of our favorite dinner spots.
Liholiho Yacht Club
One of the most-talked about new spots in the city. We were able to get a 5:30 weekday reservation a few months ago with friends of ours and stayed for nearly 4 hours. We tried nearly the whole menu (cocktails too) and will definitely be back. It's kind of Hawaiian-meets-Indian-meets-San Francisco if that's even a thing. Plus, these floors are everything. #alohafloorselfie 
The Progress
The sister restaurant to State Bird Provisions, The Progress is a tad easier to score a reservation at and just as amazing (according to friends who have been to both). The menu is family style so you choose six dishes and share them. The Everything Roti and salads were highlights, but everything was tasty.
Zuni Cafe
The roast chicken at Zuni Cafe is legendary, and for good reason. Zuni Cafe is a San Francisco landmark, and for good reason. The roast chicken takes an hour, so order some shoestring potatoes and a glass of wine to nosh on while you wait. 
Little Star
When it comes to deep dish pizza in San Francisco, there's a debate between Little Star and Patxi's. We ate Little Star for the first time our first night in San Francisco so it's. After a long day driving and unpacking it was the best meal and is our go-to since it's on our block.
B Star
I'd never tried Burmese food before coming to B Star, which is the less-busy, but just as good sister restaurant to Burmese Superstar, but this has quickly become a favorite of ours. The tea leaf salad is unlike anything I've ever had and the lamb curry is perfect for warming up on a foggy night. 

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Melissa Blake said...

ooooh, these all look awesome! I've always wanted to go to SanFran!!!