A Quiet Mind


I had a rare quiet weekend. I didn't make plans with friends. I didn't run a million errands. I didn't get ahead on work. And best of all, I didn't have a million things running through my mind. Am I the only one who has a hard time relaxing? Unless I'm on vacation or, if I'm being honest, had one too many glasses of wine the night before, I find it hard to laze around. It was a pleasant change of pace (and I think my husband would agree). Feeling refreshed going into the new week (and hoping it lasts). See below for some links.

All of the laying around I did this weekend made me realize I need to up my loungewear game. I may start with these cute sweats.
A list I bookmarked. And an Oakland event I bookmarked.

How to get ready for fall in 60 seconds.

Bucket bags are back in a big way. This Madewell one is on my wish list.

I have a favorite red lipstick, but have been wanting to master pink. Supposedly this MAC one is the best.

I'll be picking up this book for fall.

With so much travel coming up, I'll be using this guide about healthy things to eat at the airport.

Pretty excited about Apple's new Live Videos.



Leslie said...

It sounds like the perfect weekend. I think recharging is so important!