San Francisco Restaurants: Morning Edition


Since moving to San Francisco, trying new restaurants has become a hobby. We typically only go out to eat 1-2 times per week, so when we do we try to go visit a new neighborhood, snag a reservation at a hard-to-get spot, or go to a San Francisco landmark. I feel like we've hit a lot of the best restaurants in our year in San Francisco but the long list of places on my iPhone says otherwise. Today I thought I'd share a few of our favorite morning spots.

The Mill
$4 toast is about the most cliché San Francisco thing I can think of. But The Mill is a five-minute walk from our apartment and serves Fourbarrel coffee alongside Josey Baker bread. We are officially sold on fancy toast. Plus, it's a beautiful spot to sit with a cup of coffee.
We first tried Outerlands for a Scribe Winery dinner, and waited a few months to brave the brunch line. We finally bit the bullet and it's become our favorite brunch spot in the city. It's in the Sunset on a cute block so get Trouble Coffee and browse at General Store while you wait.
This Fillmore spot is another one with a perpetual line. They serve Stumptown Coffee and have a bunch of delicious-looking pastries, but I always order the egg white sandwich. And I'm not someone who orders egg whites. 
Brenda's Meat & Three
When we moved to San Francisco, I heard we had to try Brenda's Soul Food in the Tenderloin, but before we made it over they opened up a sister spot down the street from us. Southern breakfast at it's finest (perfect if you've had too much wine the night before, too).
b. patisserie
Belinda Leong, owner of b. patisserie, was named Pastry Chef of the Year in 2013 but I'll admit that the bright yellow chairs and smell of kouign a mann is what first drew me into this Pacific Heights pastry shop.

Bar Tartine and Mister Holmes Bakehouse are also high on our list of musts when in San Francisco, and we have been wanting to try Craftsman and Wolves and Cinderella Bakery.

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Nan P said...

All these places sound so good! I haven't been to San Francisco in years..but this is making me think I need to move it to the top of my travel wish list.
xo Nan // Simply Elegant Blog